7 Simple Ways To Do Your Laundry: A Quick Guide

Laundry isn't a hard task, but sometimes we mess it up. This guide will give you insights on how to do your laundry quickly and efficiently at home

7 Simple Ways To Do Your Laundry: A Quick Guide

Laundry is an essential part of our daily routine! While most of us have been doing laundry for almost half of our lives, we may think we have mastered this art, yet there are times when our colored clothes bleed and damage the rest of the pile or else our clothes remain unwashed and things get messy.

As a result, it is essential to know some simple tricks and tips for this game, because doing laundry does not require a great understanding of science, but rather some basic steps to follow to get the desired results.

Let’s Start Doing Our Laundry The Right Way!

Read The Instruction Label

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It is always a good idea to read the instruction label on the back of your clothing. Since every fabric and material is different, it's key to follow these instructions to know what your apparel is made up of. Some of your clothes may require dry cleaning, and a few may need hand washing instead of a machine, so make sure you sort your clothes accordingly. By reading this label, you can determine the water temperature and level too.

Color-Code Your Clothes

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When we wash all of our clothes together, we make one of the biggest mistakes because it will certainly result in the colored clothes staining the rest of your pile as the colored fabrics often bleed. Separate whites, darks, pastels, and types of denim from each other, so your clothes stay fresh and protected.

Wash Clothes From Inside Out

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Dark-colored clothes are prone to fading out. When washing such colors, it's best to follow this step to keep their vibrancy. Additionally, if your clothing includes unique elements like embroidery or shiny decorative pieces, this will prevent the items from falling out, so ensure you take the necessary precautions.

Put An End To Overloading Your Machine

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Yes, you read that right. This can be the reason why your clothes remain uncleaned. Make sure you do not overload your machine with clothes since this makes it difficult for your clothes to move freely during rinse, resulting in unwashed clothes. Apart from this, it increases the chance of your machine being damaged too.

Choose A Good Detergent

Types of detergent liquids and powders

You can choose your detergent based on the type of clothes and the type of washing machine you're using, as we can see a wide range of powders, liquids, tablets, or pods available in the market today. Remember, do not use detergents excessively, use them as per the instructions because overusing will not make your clothes cleaner than usual but will leave the extra soapy lather residue that is not fully rinsed, resulting in dull and scratchy clothes.

Ensure Everything Is In Order

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It's time to program the washing machine in the required settings after loading all your clothes with detergent, give a final check, and set the water level and temperature based on the number of clothes. Assure the pockets are empty and no papers, tissues, keys, or electrical devices are present, as these could be dangerous. To proceed, be sure that everything is in order.

Tip: Dry your clothes immediately after the completion of a final cycle as damp clothes can smell unpleasant if left for too long

Folding And Storing

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Once your clothes have dried, fold or hang to store them immediately, iron them if necessary, and arrange them in your wardrobe as per your choice, as placing your clothes rightly contributes to keeping them in good condition.

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If you want to master the laundry game, follow these steps, and make sure you do your laundry every alternate day.

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