Beat the Heat this Summer

Fed up with the hot weather? Here are 6 ways to cool your day off without having the need to use AC.

Beat the Heat this Summer

With summer right on top of us, it has become a colossal task to just about do anything. Gone are the days when you could go out without care during the summers. The average temperature has increased to a point where the government has had to issue a nationwide alert regarding heat waves. Those who are protected by thy lord and saviour, the AC, don’t seem to have much of a problem, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of people work in places that don’t have ACs.

Percentage bar graph of people who own AC in each state of India
Pie Chart for the total percentage of people who own and don't own AC in India

To give you a good idea, just look at the stats above. To put it into simple numbers, on average, for every 10 people 2.4 people have AC in their house. Since 2.4 doesn’t make sense, let us round it off to 3. So 3 in every 10 people have AC. You can see that it is a very niche product to which not everyone has access. Now that doesn’t mean there is no other way to cool yourself off. After all, we are Indians, masters of finding an alternate route.

The Home Remedies

While there are a couple of things you could do to cool off in this heat, be warned that they are in no way a means of replacing the AC. These things can only provide temporary relief. For a permanent solution, you will have to purchase an AC, or move to a less hot and humid country. Use these methods if you feel the heat is becoming unbearable. Who knows, these just might save you from having a heat stroke.

Here are 6 steps you can take to keep your body temperature in check -

The Wet Towel Execution

This is one of the simpler and quicker ways to cool off your body during the summer. All you have to do is wet a small towel, or a handkerchief, and then soak it in water. Rinse the water off and then put the towel/handkerchief behind your neck or your face. It’ll instantly cool off your body. Keep repeating this process until you’re satisfied. You can even use your wrists and ankles. Since these are the ‘pulse points’ of your body, it’ll help to cool your body temperature down.

Woman wiping her face with a wet towel

The wind tunnel paradigm

It is hard to combat the hot weather when the air is not circulating properly. So go ahead and open all the windows (and doors if possible) to let the air cycle in and out of your home.

Schematic diagram of wind coming from outside and passing through the house
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Now you may point out the fact that it doesn’t matter since the outside and inside air are both hot. You are correct. But this is where our next point comes in.

Wearing Lighter Clothes

When we say lighter clothes, we mean clothes that are not too dense. Like clothes made of cotton. Don’t go outside wearing little to no clothing. Cotton shirts keep the air flowing through the body. It is helpful when you start to sweat a lot. Also, it is recommended that you wear clothes of a lighter shade. Dark colours absorb more sunlight which in turn increases the body temperature.

Three people wearing light colored clothes made of cotton


Remember the time Prof. Lupin told Harry to eat up? No? Well, in this case, we’d advise you to drink. Drink plenty and plenty of water. You can never drink too much water. As you keep hydrating yourself, your body will keep producing sweat, which will eventually help you keep your temperature down. It is one of the most effective ways to combat the summer heat. And we need not mention the health benefits of drinking water.

Person Drinking water in a glass from the jug

Take an Ice Bath!

It should come as no surprise that this is one of the best short-term remedies for hot and sultry weather. There’s definitely going to be an initial shock due to the temperature of the water, but it’ll definitely help in warding off this heat. Fair warning, don’t stay inside the ice water for too long, or you’ll have hypothermia to worry about.

man emerging from an ice bath

The Outdoor Solution

Let's say you are out for work in the crackling heat and need to cool down, the above steps may or may not help you, depending on your surrounding. Here's a list of things that you can do if you find yourself in a hot situation.

Drink a glass of a cold beverage

Cold beverages are known to provide instant relief from the heat. And these are available just about anywhere. If you are against cold beverages, mainly soft drinks, then you can try sugarcane juice. It is proven to be good for your health. And on top of that, it completely cools off your body. These are a lifesaver, and if you ever come across one while on the road, definitely have a glass.

Find Shade

Trees are the best shade providers during summer. But sadly they may not be available everywhere. And in case you can't find any, you can go inside a mall (it has AC!), or even ATMs (they have AC too!). If you are in a deserted place, the best thing to do would be to dampen any piece of cloth, preferably your handkerchief, and put it on top of your head.

man sitting under the shade of a tree in a farm

While these are not permanent solutions, they'll definitely provide relief from the heat to some degree. As the summer gets worse, it is advisable that you use sunscreen, cover your body as much as possible when going out, and try to invest in a good AC.