5 Natural Ingredients For a Soothing and Glowing Skin

Do we all want our skin to be completely flawless? Not really, but do we all want our skin to be healthy? Yes and Yes. Here in this blog, we make that a little simpler, take a look at these pure natural ingredients that work like magic for our skin.

5 Natural Ingredients For a Soothing and Glowing Skin

Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder- is a quote we have heard all too often. It indeed is true, not everyone can see the beauty the world has to offer. The skin, likewise, is a mirror of our personality that only we can grasp, it is not important as to what other people make of it, but, how we learn to love it, no matter what.

"Healthy skin starts from within"

These organic ingredients compared to the contemporary chemical creams and masks are proved to be great for your skin. Since they help in moisturizing, exfoliating, and relaxing your skin without the risk of any inflammation. Turmeric for example is not only one of the best anti-oxidant but also immensely good for the skin as it rejuvenates and brings a natural and lovely glow.

Here, we have made an exclusive list of the top 5 ingredients that will get you the best glow and calmness your skin might ever need.

These ingredients are 100% natural and are easy on your pocket as well. Come on, without any further delay let us dive right into simple yet magical ingredients.

1. Honey:


The magical combination of lemon and honey gives one a fresh and glowing feel on the skin. Honey is one of those natural ingredients that are not just sweet but also work melodiously on the skin as well. Honey possesses a wide range of anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant qualities which soothes the acne-covered skin, helping it generate much-needed moisture. For better results, mix 1 tablespoon of honey with half a lemon, leave it on your face for 15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.

2. Olive Oil:

Olive Oil

Yes, you heard it right, Olive Oil is regarded as one of the best natural enhancers of skin. Olive oil is predominantly known for moisturizing your skin. Its contents like polyphenols and flavonoids help in killing any bacteria that threaten to be the reason for acne-induced dullness and help restore the glow and freshness. Olive Oil is applicable for all skin types.

Olive Oil can be used in both ways.

  • Apply a few drops of olive oil to your skin, massage it thoroughly and then wet the towel in lukewarm water and wipe it gently on your face.
  • You can also mix it with honey, and baking soda in a bowl, create a mixture and apply. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes at least and then rinse your face. This skin-care hack induced with olive oil can potentially generate much-needed moisture and vitamins for your skin. Click here to know some of the additional benefits of baking soda.

3. Curd:


Curd is used for all kinds of remedies, especially for skin and hair. The indomitable presence of lactic acid gives it a special characteristic. If applied evenly, it will render a soothing and soft glow on the skin. It has been also proved that rubbing curd twice a week on the face will help reduce the wrinkles and slows the process of aging. You can mix curd with lemon or honey, create a mask of sorts and leave it for 15 minutes.

4. Gram flour (Besan):

Gram flour

The use of gram flour for skin has been in vogue for hundreds of years. It is the perfect natural cleansing agent for all skin types. The presence of zinc in gram flour helps in fighting off acne-inducing bacteria. While it works for all skin types if you are applying solely for dry skin make sure you add milk with besan. The rich presence of beta-carotene, riboflavin, and unsaturated fats in the besan will help in restoring moisture in the skin.

Did you know? Just washing your face with besan and water for 2 minutes daily will help in minimizing oil in your skin significantly!

5. Cucumber:


Last but not the least, this hydrous vegetable is almost everybody’s favorite. Applying cucumber to the skin will not only help in restoring the freshness but the presence of vitamin C soothes the hardness and encourages the mineral-induced moisture to spread in all directions to your face. You can slice cucumber into round pieces and gently massage it into your face. This is just one of many ways how can you utilize this amazing veggie.

Taking proper care of your skin is just as important as brushing your teeth daily. The above-mentioned natural parts of nature will surely give you the progress you are looking for. Without any side effects, they are natural cleansers, better than most of the chemically manufactured cosmetics.

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