Usefulness Of Baking Soda Beyond Baking

Baking soda is a cost-effective way to reduce heartburn, indigestion and other issues related to health. It also contain bicarbonate which helps in reducing diabetes too. Apart from baking cakes and cookies, baking soda has other benefits when it comes to skin care and hair care. It can work as hair conditioner, facial scrub and what not. It is beyond belief on how baking soda can work wonders in place of many expensive chemical products for skin. The results are unbelievably remarkable and much to our disbelief the skin and hair gets better and smoother. 

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This says a lot on how baking soda benefits as a hair shampoo.

Brushing with baking soda once a week can clear out yellowness of the teeth and whiten them. Next time try this and you need not visit the dentist anymore for 'teeth whitening'.

It whitens the skin and clears out blackheads. It effectively works as the scrub which can be applied on any part of the body to have a smoother and breathing skin. Baking soda does the trick of a facial mask and whitens the skin to a great extent.

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Irrespective of gender, baking soda can be used to remove acne, soap or a body scrub, shampoo for hair, also can be used as a deodorant which prevents from bad smell for a longer time than the deodorants available in the market. 

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