11 Unique Coffee Table Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Looking to purchase a coffee table for your living room? Before you choose a boring-looking table, look at these designs to draw inspiration from.

Living rooms and Coffee tables go back a long way. Whenever you enter someone’s living room you either notice their coffee table or you don’t, this is because of the same old plain and boring coffee table designs. That is where this article comes in, with these unique coffee table designs you can bring life to your living room by either making your coffee table blend in with the decor or by making it the centerpiece.

Design Ideas

Swivelling Coffee Table

This sleek and modern coffee table looks like a normal albeit stylish coffee table to the unassuming. But it packs nice features, it has a storage drawer, and a swiveling second table under the first in case you need additional table space.

Lift Top Coffee Table

Another storage coffee table camouflaged as a regular coffee table. This table’s top can lift open to reveal a hidden storage space. The lifting top can double down as a makeshift workstation too. There’s a bottom shelf too, where you can stack away magazines and other coffee table books.

Rotating Top Coffee Table

This coffee table comes with hidden storage space too. Half of the table top can be rotated to gain access to the storage space inside. The insides of this table are crafted with the same finesse as the outside, making this table ooze out pure class.

Contemporary Coffee Table

This contemporary coffee table speaks for itself with its unique design and aesthetic. Between the large oval tabletop and the space below it, you get plenty of table space to work with.

Three leg Coffee Table

This three-legged free shape wooden beauty is built sturdily. The wood grain finish of the pine wood only adds to this table’s beauty.

Boomerang Coffee Table

This is a two-piece table, they can both be individually used as standalone tables or as a pair to add more visual interest. The table base seamlessly melds to the top creating a flawless statement piece.

Minimalistic Storage Coffee Table

This minimalistic Coffee table flawlessly combines a solid square structure with rounded corners. It has two drawers offering you plenty of storage space.

Caspian Coffee Table

This is yet another minimalist coffee table design. The clean and defined edges with the chamfered corners come together to create a timeless piece of art.

Abstract Coffee Table

If you like abstract and minimalist designs, this table is definitely for you. It is so clean and simple that it captures the essence of modern minimalist design perfectly.

Modern Marble Coffee Table

This contrasting Marble Coffee table makes for an elegant centerpiece in your living room. Under the table, it has two open shelves and two large drawers.

Geometric Coffee Table

If you need to take modern design to the next level, you will need this coffee table. This hexagonal Coffee table has a sunburst top, with honey undertones.


All the designs here are either Contemporary, Minimalist, or Modern, there are so many other styles that are showcased in this list, but this doesn’t mean they are not worth checking out. Check all the known styles before you settle on something, you might randomly find a design that you would love. Here’s to hoping these Coffee table designs help you find a suitable Coffee table.