10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Sister this Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is almost here, and if you still haven’t thought of what gift to buy your sister, here are some thoughtful ideas.

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Sister this Rakshabandhan

Before we start, here’s a disclaimer- there is no “Best gift,” that I can recommend, I can only provide you with ideas that can help you find the best gift. Everyone is different, so what might appeal to one might not appeal to the other. But you should know more about your sister, allowing you to have at least a hint of what gift she might like.

Here are some gift ideas to get you started on your journey to find the perfect Rakshabandhan gift for your Sister-

Gift ideas

Sweets and Chocolates

Although chocolates are suitable for sisters of all age groups, the love for chocolates that children display is usually unmatched. So don’t skimp, and instead get your sister their favorite chocolate. There are numerous options available on the market, you could, no, you should get her a celebration pack if she likes chocolates.

a box of chocolates

If you have an older or married sister living away from your family, you can still get her chocolates, but a sweet box in addition would be perfect considering her new family.

Greeting Cards and Flowers

Greeting cards work for all sisters, and flowers if they appreciate it. But I would urge against these gifts unless you are really pressed for time. Buying a more personal and thoughtful gift would make more sense. But if your sister likes flowers then it is a completely different story.

A personalized note on the other hand could put a smile on your sister’s face. Craft a handwritten note, Try sketching your sister, it will surely make for a memorable moment.

Stationery and Supplies

If your sister is studying, buying her dairy, pens, or other stationery would be thoughtful. Think of something she wanted to buy. If you have a working sister, then getting her office supplies and Coffee Mugs would make more sense.


The situation might play out in any one of these two scenarios once you gift your sister a plant.

a person holding a potted plant

Scenario 1: Your school-going or teen sister might send the plant flying toward your head, while an older/mature sister might curse you every time she’s watering that plant.

Scenario 2: Your sister is happy to be gifted a plant.

Scenario 2 is the ideal scenario, this will only play out if your sister is into gardening or likes plants. Gift them something that is easy to maintain, like succulents for example. It is called a “gift” for a reason, not a burden. Don’t gift them a burden.


There are so many accessories you could gift your sister, and the budget range is very wide too. Depending on your sister’s interest and your budget you can buy them Handbags, Purses, Jewellery, Watches, and even Headphones. A word of advice, if your fashion sense sucks, please enlist the help of your mother or some other female to help you pick fashionable accessories. If you don’t want to end up gifting a granny handbag to your sister that is, I’m sure you don’t want to know how that ends.


Perfumes, lipsticks, and Makeup kits, you will only know the depth once you descend into this rabbit hole of Cosmetics. Know what brand and colors your sister uses and likes, and try to get them only that. Include a taunting note (at your own risk) with it for a fun squabble.

makeup kit

Hobby Based Gifts

Don’t tell me you don’t know what your sister’s hobby is, that’s utterly disgraceful. Try to get your sister something along the lines of her hobby, she’ll surely be delighted. If she’s into reading, get her books (try not to get her the books she already has or read). If she’s into art and drawing, get her art supplies, if she’s into music… You know the drill right?

Cash, Gift cards, and Hampers

Just like greeting cards, cash, gift cards, and gift hampers are very generic. Are you really that busy to not notice what your sister might need? If you want to gift your sister any of these, please be a sensible brother and pair it with some other thoughtful gift. Gifting just these is not in good taste. Some might consider giving their sisters cash after the Rakhi ceremony as a tradition. You could make it more meaningful by giving your sister a memorable gift along with the customary cash.

Cook her Something

If your mom banned you from the kitchen, then there might be a good enough reason for it. If that is the case, I implore you to please skip this idea for the sake of your dear sister. If not, then try to cook your Sister’s favorite dish, if that is something too complicated, then try making something simpler. After all, it is the gesture that counts, but again it is a happy occasion, don’t ruin it by feeding your sister something that might make her sick.

a person chopping vegetables


The most valuable gift you can give your sister. Spend time with her, hear her out, and make sure she knows she can count on you no matter what kind of situation she finds herself in. Be there for her when she needs you, that’s the best gift you can give her. On a side note, don’t tell your sister this is the gift, give her something to show.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of other things you can give or do for your sister this Rakshabandhan. this article is just scratching the surface. You can gift your sister subscriptions, gadgets, and whatever else you may feel she needs or loves. Here’s one last and crucial piece of advice before ending this article. Don’t blindly buy her pink stuff, for God’s sake get over this stereotype at least now. Not every girl’s favorite color is pink, you should know what your sister’s favorite color is!