Ten Bedroom Items That Need To Go

For most of us, the bedroom is our very own private fortress of solitude. It serves as a personal space that we can retreat to when we need to unwind and have a little alone time, which some people need more than others. But no matter how much time you spend in your bedroom, it is essential that it provides you with one thing... comfort. While the importance of physical comfort may seem quite obvious, it should provide mental comfort as well, so you are able to rejuvenate to the fullest. To achieve this, there may be some dead weight that you need to kick to the curb or move to somewhere else in your home.



Obviously you need a bed, but many of us are guilty of keeping a mattress that is waaaay past it's prime to avoid the expense and hassle of getting a new one. Unfortunately, beds aren't immortal, and after a certain amount of time, an outdated one can cause harm and soreness. If you are middle-aged or older, a mattress should be replaced every seven years max.

Phone And Other Electronics

This one is a killer...not bringing your phone into the bedroom, and it should be obvious as to why it negatively impacts sleep. As far as the problems with other electronics (tablets, computers, etc.) it their power light. Crazy as it sounds, it's also been proven that the teeny tiny blue/white/green light actually disrupts healthy sleep.



Believe it or not, that seemingly stiff boxspring does play a role in physical comfort by absorbing shock from your movement, not to mention extends the lifespan of your mattress. Once you start to notice that your bed is no longer level, it's time for a replacement.


You should try to avoid having a television in your bedroom. Science has shown that watching TV in bed or immediately before going to bed can make it more difficult to fall asleep due to the light and mental stimulation. This applies to computers as well.


Blackout Curtains

You may have been a nightowl that only slept when you needed to in your youth, but as an adult it's a habit that you should break. Natural lighting plays a role in your body's internal clock and helps cue melatonin production.

Useless Furniture

Although furniture plays a vital role in decor, there is definitely a point where there's too much and the room begins to look chaotic, cramped and uncomfortable. Remove pieces that don't serve any real function to let the room breathe, and since bedrooms are typically not a place for entertaining you can easily eliminate extra seating.


Work Desk

It's good to have a place to get work done, ESPECIALLY if you work from home, but it shouldn't be the bedroom. One of the biggest rules that home workers tend to follow is to have a designated office or area used specifically for focusing on work. By doing so, you're training your brain to associate an area as a place of concentration and few distractions. The bedroom is similar, since you also train yourself to associate it with sleep, which studies have shown affects sleep patterns. By combining the two spaces, you create confusion that makes both spaces less efficient at serving their primary roles.



Obviously, pillows over time stop providing adequate cushioning for your head and neck, but that isn't the only reason you may need to replace them. Particles and dirt from your skin also accumulates in the pillows fibers, and can they be a haven for mites. If you clean your pillows frequently, they're good for a couple years, but if you don't, it's advised to replace them every six months.



Who doesn't love crisp cotton sheets? The classic material has long been a favorite for bedding and are ideal for the hot summer months. The problem is, they're no good for your epidermis. Cotton can cause premature wrinkles on your face and also add stress to your hair and can make it more prone to breakage. Silk or satin sheets can help you avoid both of these things.

Pets Beds

There are exceptions, and may be hard to resist the temptation to have your pets in the same room where you're sleeping, but you do take the risk of them disrupting your sleep if they are prone to getting up and moving around at night. We all know how tired we can be when sleep is consistently interrupted.


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