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3 brand new paint color ideas for style savvy interior decor to actually transform your walls and rooms into very elegant and aesthetic living spaces!

3 Brand new paint color ideas for style savvy interior decor!

It’s time to see wall paint colors in a different light, be a little adventurous and try something out of the ordinary. Not just forthe heck of it but because the 3 colors suggested here are rare and actuallytransform your walls and rooms into very elegant and aesthetic living spaces! So come on,take a look and who knows, you may just end up creating a home that looksrefreshingly different!

be imaginative

Be more imaginative 
Image - Swipelife.com

Paint Color 1 - Greige! Grey + Beige

Surprised? You may as well be because Greige is not a color by itself but a combination of grey and beige. Grey can complement white,blue or even red furniture, carpets or upholstery, but the conventional feelingis that grey is too cold and drab for living spaces. OK for an office,but for a home?

Basic beige can have versatile hues and can be beautifullyoffset against bold colors and some neutrals. But beige is just too common for aroom to stand out. But mixed with grey, it becomes Greige, which can be an extremelysophisticated backdrop for furniture and upholstery.

Greige isactually a soft grey with beige undertones, resulting in a never-before createdshade that is the perfect complement to white marble in the picture below. Also an ideal solution if you like both beige and grey but are notcomfortable with them because of the reasons mentioned above. Greige canactually give you the best of two worlds.

beautiful room

Room of a different color
Image - Awelldressedlife.com

Paint Color 2 - Not So Girly Pink!

Conventional wisdom does hold that pink is only for girls,but that has changed! While our collective consciousness associates pink withprimness and prettiness, it is not related to function and utility and it turns out to be an undercelebrated color

One lookat the accompanying picture proves how rich a room can look with the rightshades of pink on the walls, complemented with the right furniture, upholsteryand flooring. As you can see and imagine, pink looks great with white, shades ofred, grey and blue. 

modern pink

The right shade matters
Image - Homemydesign.com

Paint Color 3 - Uber Elegant Black!

Black is an extremely elegant paint color when given the right treatment. Some of the most stylish fashion accessories likewatches use black as a design element, as do electronic goods, bikes, cars andmany other lifestyle products.

It might be hard to visualize walls painted in black, but with the right furniture and complimenting colors, black can give a new stylish dimension to any room. As you can see in the picture black can really turn a room into a spectacle of elegance and style, and black goes well with almost any color, so you have a wide playing field in choosing other items of decor

paint idea

Black is beautiful!
Image - Homedit.com

So there you have it! 3 brand new paint color ideas for a super stylish home! Hire a professional painting service to change your interiors today!



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