The Right Spot To Install A Flat Panel TV

Large flat panel televisions are now an integral part of most Indian homes. While it is perfectly natural for you to flaunt this prized possession, by placing it a vantage position in the living room, does it ever seem as if the TV is out of place? 
Is the picture too bright or details smudgy? Doesn’t the sound seem a tad feeble? Is that the glare from your light or special effects in the movie there on screen? Problems which you most often remedy by moving the TV set or your chair, these issues simply tend to matter more with the increasing size of the screen, making it mandatory for you to carefully decide on the right spot to install your large flat panel TV!

TV Installation - Purpose & People

Watching a favorite show on large screen is a pleasure!
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Where you install your large flat panel TV depends on whether it is meant for the entire family or personal use. You can have it wall mounted/ installed either in the living room or bed room to suit your viewing needs. In the living room, ensure that the screen is positioned right to make TV viewing enjoyable for all members of your family when seated comfortably.

TV Installation - Viewing Distance & Level

Viewing comfort, and safe distance take precedence
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The picture quality and clarity depend on the viewing distance; how far you are seated away from your TV. You are most likely to notice individual pixels of color or minute lines on the TV screen when you are too close. Seated farther away images may seem blurred. A TV set must be placed at a spot that does not compromise on the audio-visual experience, ideally at the eye-level of a person when seated comfortably.

TV Installation - Room Size & Lighting

Bright LEDs and large windows are likely to cause a glare
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Buying a new flat screen TV? It makes all the more sense to settle for a TV with the right screen size that fits the dimensions of the room it is meant for. In addition to the viewing distance and level, you’ll also need to consider sources of both artificial and natural lighting when deciding on the right spot for the TV. LEDs with dimmers will prove a boon, and so will heavy curtains on windows!

Soft lights, comfy seating and the TV set at eye-level!
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TV Installation - Aesthetics & Utility Value

This unique room divider with pivoted TV stand makes it possible to view the TV from either side of the room!
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A large black screen in your living room may seem a waste of space, especially in a compact apartment; even if you choose get the TV wall-mounted. You could however get creative by displaying an artistic wall-paper on the screen if the feature is supported or have the unit cleverly concealed behind a decorative slider when not in use.  Check out a few innovative tips on how to hide your TV when not in use.

TV Installation - Internet Connectivity, Power, Sound Systems

A safe, compact setting
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Make sure that the TV set is close to sources of power as well as cable and modem connections so that you don’t have ugly wires running through your home. Proximity to sound and video playback devices is a must for a safe and enjoyable entertainment experience. Even with a lot of advance planning it may be necessary to hire a professional electrician service to provide a few connections and extensions.

You can’t afford to keep shifting or re-installing a large TV at will! Just take your time to decide and stick to it. We hope things go fine and if they don’t, simply avail the help of professional electrician services and television installation professionals listed on HomeTriangle to ensure your TV is placed in the right spot to suit your viewing preferences!


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