How To Install A Flat Panel TV?

Installing a flat panel TV is not that challenging, especially if you choose to mount it on a stand.  However mounting a flat panel TV on the wall may require some professional help. While it is important to decide on the right spot to place the TV to make the viewing experience comfortable and enjoyable,  the viewing distance, angle, height, background lighting etc., need equal if not more attention.
Let’s quickly check out a few standard metrics and installation tips that will come in handy!

Calculate viewing distance based on the screen size

Thumb rule to arrive at the right viewing distance
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If you are wondering how close or far you should be seated from your flat panel TV to best enjoy the audio-visual features offered by the unit, go by the quick and easy formula in the image to ascertain the right viewing distance. As for watching programs on a HDTV, settle for a viewing distance between 1.5 to 2.5 times the screens diagonal. You are more likely to miss the small details on high-definition images when seated farther away from your TV.

Determine the right height and viewing angle right

Sit comfortably and mark the eye level
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It is important to place your television set at the right height and angle to avoid a strained or stiff neck.  The mid portion of your screen should coincide with your eye level. Tilting the screen may be necessary to avoid glares, especially when you choose to install the TV higher than eye level, but keep to the recommended maximum of 10º to stay in your comfort zone.  

Rev up the mood with appropriate lighting!

Soft lights enhance viewing comfort
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While it may be quite tempting to turn off all the lights to mimic ultimate experience of viewing a horror or romantic movie in pitch dark settings of a cinema hall, we are always reminded that (dim) lights in the background make it easy for the eye to adjust to the bright visuals on screen. Yes, heed that warning and settle for suitable lighting preferably remote controlled, to set the right ambiance to lessen the strain on the eye as well!

Pay attention to acoustics and connectivity

Acoustics make all the difference!
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When transitioning to a flat TV, there seems to be a marked difference in the audio volume, in some cases based on the speaker specifications - number and position of speakers built-into the TV set, mono/stereo output, and wattage etc. Using external speakers, or home theater system or suitable surround sound alternatives remedy this concern, but it is better to ascertain the options available when buying the TV. 

Corner space put to best use!
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On the other hand you could try placing the TV diagonally across the corner of a room, allowing the sound to reflect off the side walls into the seating area, if you aren't too specific about acoustic effects!

Adjustable swivel wall-mounts save space, enhance viewing comfort and are easy to use!
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In fact using a full-motion TV mount can help you swivel and place the TV set at the right spot, even in the corner of a room, at a perfect viewing distance, and tilt it to suit your viewing comfort. This is a boon, especially when you lack vantage wall or floor space. 

Connectivity improves utility value of the unit
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Your flat TV is not a stand-alone device intended only for viewing programs aired via the cable. A whole gamut of wired and wireless devices such as game consoles, internet, digital cameras, DVD players etc. can today stake a claim for screen space.  You’ll need to ensure seamless connectivity based on the electronics in your home. 

Ensure safe and aesthetic cabling
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And finally, don't forget the aesthetics! Innovative cabling techniques now make it easy to extend cables along the walls, without compromising safety or aesthetics. However minimizing such extensions is a better alternative any day!

You can book a tv wall mount installation expert, if you are looking for one.

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