HomeTriangle Guides: What Are The Pros & Cons Of Decorating Yourself?


Can't afford an interior designer for home decorating project? Would you love to create a new look for your home on your own? Check out the pros and cons of decorating yourself before deciding to hire an interior designer or doing it yourself.

Can't afford an interior designer for your home decorating project? Would you love to create a new look for your home on your own? Decorating a home is a daunting task, and many of us prefer hiring an interior designer despite budget constraints. 

Check out the pros and cons of decorating yourself before deciding whether to hire an interior designer or to do it yourself!

The Pros!

Pro 1- Your Tastes

Decorating your home interiors on your own gives you the creative freedom to implement your own ideas. You can convert waste, upcycle old pieces and reinvent flea market finds into useful and decorative items reflecting your tastes. DIY interior designing is perfect for anyone who loves novelty, as an added plus you'll personalize your home interiors in a way only you can!

Birch tree log coffee table
Image - Architecturendesign.net

Pro 2 - Set The Mood

Decorating your home on your own gives you the freedom to choose an interior design that your family members will love. Choosing a color of your choice helps set the mood for the living space like painting the room sky blue achieves a peaceful look or painting with yellow can cheer you up! Similarly, set the mood for the whole home with your choice of rugs, accessories, and furniture.

A mood enhancing living room with an orange accent wall
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Pro 3 - Ensures Comfort

Customizing your interiors as per your requirements and tastes makes you feel comfortable. For example, kid-friendly interior design will make you feel relaxed without the fear of your children being hurt even if they move around alone. An added advantage is that a renovation can be completed in stages, as per budget limits, comfort, and availability of time.

And the Cons...

Con 1 - Interior Designing Yourself Can Be Stressful!

Interior design and decorating can be a stressful job and should not be taken up unless you have the time and patience for it. Mistakes made due to lack of knowledge or research can prove to be costly. It demands creativity and the investment of your free time. It could be quite cumbersome visiting multiple stores to identify and choose furnishing, materials, paints, and other inputs that best suit your taste and home. It is also important to have the ability to research material, compare prices and finally purchase them from a reliable vendor.

Con 2 - Risky 

Redecorating the house on your own for the first time can be quite confusing. An interior design project demands that you be organized and meticulous in taking care of even the smallest details.

Before deciding, either way, analyze if you can undertake the entire home at once or would like to do it bit by bit. If you want to participate and contribute to the interior design of your home, but are not sure of your choices, opt for a professional interior design package from HomeTriangle today!



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