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We spend most of our time in our bedrooms, in a waking or a sleeping state! Here are a few tips on small bedroom interior design for a cozy yet roomy feeling!

Interior design tips to make a small bedroom feel large!

We spend most of our time in our bedrooms, in a waking or a sleeping state! We grow to love the place however large or small it is. 

Here are a few tips on small bedroom interior design for a cozy yet roomy feeling!

Choose A Large Bed!

The assumption that a small bedroom plus small furniture equals a spacious look is so wrong! The bed is the dominant piece of furniture in your bedroom, let it dominate the space. Buy that king size bed you love and it’ll just make the space cozy and comfy for a good night’s sleep while also surprisingly giving the impression of a larger room.

interior design for bedroom
Let the bed be the focal point
Image - Dingklek.com

Add Mirrors!

Ever wondered why most trial rooms have mirrors on three sides? They multiply the tiny space and make it look larger! So go ahead and put up a wall sized mirror in your small bedroom.

bedroom interior design
A mirror can make your bedroom look more spacious
Image - Globsaglik.com

Use The Bed For Storage

Beds are the biggest, most dominant pieces of furniture in a bedroom and choosing the right bed affects the interior design of a bedroom immensely. bed with built in storage is a good option for a small bedroom. A high bed offers the option to tuck away stuff in boxes which can slide right out whenever needed!

interior design bedroom modern
Tuck away unwanted items 
Image - Babble.com

Distract The Eye

When looking at something catchy, small things go unnoticed. Decorate your bedroom with lots of eye-catching stuff and no one will even notice that there’s less room, not even a professional interior designer!

interior design bedroom simple

A eye catching wall decal 
Image - Ladywiki.net 

Unify With Repeated Patterns

Repeating patterns in the room can create the illusion of a bigger space because it patterns bring the room together as one.

interior design bedroom ideas

Bunk beds in a matching color theme for a kids' bedroom
Image - Funhomedecor.net

Space Saving Furniture

Space saving furniture does not necessarily mean small furniture. Space saving furniture can also mean concealed, stack-able or sliding pieces of furniture. Most contemporary stores offer a wide range of such furniture and they can conceal a lot of mess easily.

best interior room design

A sofa that doubles up as a coffee table 
Image - Bridgman.co.uk

Highlight The Bed

Make the bed look good and the bedroom follows inadvertently! Tuck away sheet corners neatly, add cushions, choose the right headboard.

interior design bedroom colours

A headboard can spotlight your bed

Image - Homedit.com

Use these tips and plan the interior design of a small bedroom to perfection!




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