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Your bed is the largest single piece of furniture in your bedroom, with the headboard as a permanent feature that can be so much more than just functional.

Your bed is the largest single piece of furniture in your bedroom, with the headboard as a permanent feature that can be so much more than just functional. In small rooms headboards can function as storage and do double duty while in larger rooms they can double up as stand out decor accents. 

Ever thought of what you could do with your headboard to make it look less functional and more decor fabulous?  For every bedroom there is a perfect headboard!


A floating headboard maximizes available floor space in the bedroom with its raised, off the floor design. Floating headboards can be modern and linear with a focus on simplicity and functional storage or elaborate and decorative! 

The headboard in the image below is a modernly sleek floating headboard with built-in nightstands featuring drawers for out-of-site storage. A table top surface juts out to accommodate a reading lamp, a few books and other night stand essentials like an alarm clock.

Article Image
A floating headboard


While headboard styles rendered in metal may vary, metal construction for the headboard can be used to lend an industrial look or for fairy tale glamour in a kids room. Graceful lines and ornate details of the metal headboard in the image below make it suited to a master bedroom. A metal headboard is a worthy, long lasting and durable addition to your decor.

Article Image
A metal headboard with various decor elements in a chic bedroom


An upholstered padded headboard makes for extra comfort when you lounge in bed on lazy Sunday mornings or catch up on your favorite tele serial. The only drawback is that the fabric may start to show wear and tear and look scruffy with use, fix it with a removable, fitted cover. Just take it off and wash for a fresh clean feel! 

The exaggerated headboard in the image below is pictured in an all white room and almost blends in with the wall, while the one in the second image is a padded geometric headboard placed within an additional decorative frame, both are attractive looks that add to your comfort factor.

Article Image
A padded headboard in an all white room

Article Image
A geometric chocolate brown headboard within a wall mounted frame

Antique, Ethnic, Artifact

A headboard can be fabricated from a variety of things and thinking out of the box can really make your bedroom a personal style statement. To this end a large intricate wood carving from your travels in Thailand, an old door with oodles of character you found in chor bazaar or even a collection of oars that pays homage to your nautical leanings, can all become headboards!
Article Image
An ornate Thai wooden carving as a headboard 

Article Image
An old door with brass door rings and bolts as a headboard

Article Image
Boat oars combined to make a headboard


Use a statement piece of art instead of a headboard to create a focal point in your bedroom that speaks volumes about your taste. A painting the exact size of the bed or one that is larger than the bed width, both are effective ideas when it comes to using art as a headboard.
Article Image
A painting the width of the bed as a headboard

Article Image
A paneled painting larger than the width of the bed as headboard 

Wall As Headboard 

In the image below a wall is used as a headboard in a small studio apartment. The wall acts as a sectional to give the bedroom privacy, and demarcate it off from the living area, as well as act as a headboard! Decorate the wall with wall paper or make it an accent wall in an unusual color and finish for fabulous decor.

Article Image
A decorative wall section as a headboard

Do up your bedroom with the addition of a spectacular headboard, add storage, padding, think of elements that can be of use in your bedroom and above all, try something new!



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