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A small bathroom can be a challenge to design and decorate beautifully, even professional designers and decorators struggle with creating effectively useful, functional spaces when faced with an oddly shaped small bathroom.

A small bathroom can be a challenge to design and decorate beautifully, even professional designers and decorators struggle with creating effectively useful, functional spaces when faced with an oddly shaped small bathroom. A few design ideas can effectively transform your small bathroom, making it feel larger and using up every inch of space inventively to make for ease of use and comfort.

Small Tub Cum Shower

Just because your bathroom is handkerchief sized doesn't mean you have to go without a tub. A small tub cum shower fitted along one wall will up the oomph factor of even a small bathroom. Indulge yourself in long leisurely soak or take a quick shower, this option gives you the options.

Article Image
A small tub cum shower in a small bathroom


Exploit corners in small bathrooms by placing the tub, the wash basin cabinet or even a standing shower stall in a corner. Placing a large piece of bathroom furniture in the corner will minimize the square inches that you use and help you make space to move around without knocking into things.

Article Image
A corner bathtub and a corner shower stall shown in a small bathroom 

Go Tiny

In incredibly unusual bathrooms go 'miniature' route with fixtures like the WC, sink, even the taps. Small and oddly shaped with other constrictions like sloping roofs benefit from the illusion of space created by the miniaturization of all other elements. When picking out bathroom furniture pay particular attention to the dimensions, you'll be surprised at the variations available in the market once you start to actively search out smaller designs. 

This idea is put into practice below in a stamp sized bathroom under a staircase, notice the size of the sink? 

Article Image
Smaller fixtures make a tiny bathroom look more spacious

Why A Bathroom?

Making the bathroom a part of the bedroom is a design idea that is definitely not for everyone, but it sure is worth considering if your bedroom is small and your bathroom even smaller! Taking out an adjoining wall between a bathroom and a bedroom helps open up both spaces, making it one cohesive large area. Space is an attractive plus, while also creating a superb design talking point in your home. New age and avant garde as it is, this idea does compromise on one important requirement in a bathroom, privacy!

Article Image
A bathroom and bedroom with no separation create a large open space

Go Glass-y

Instead of no wall at all, a different spin on the above idea is a patterned, or transparent, glass wall as a separating feature  between a bathroom and the adjoining space. This is another way to make your small bathroom look larger and add a unique design element to create a chic effect that is seldom used in bathrooms.

Article Image
A patterned glass wall between a powder room sink and a living room

Color - Lighten Up!

In a small bathroom the color on the walls can take up the largest amount of visual square footage. Choose a lighter color to open up the space and make it feel airy and bright. Bright lighting also helps to magnify the same effect in addition to the light color.

Article Image
A light blue small bathroom 

Color Me Dramatic!

Go the absolute opposite way and pick a dark and dramatic color for your small bathroom, instead of light and airy, to create a space with a brooding, dramatic personality! The dark color is a startling effect in a small space, making it feel intimate, almost as if the space itself closes in and encompasses you completely. 

Article Image
A dark color used in a small bathroom

If you are planning a small bathroom remodel, these ideas should help you think in novel ways about designing a chic-er small bathroom! If you have a small bathroom that you've renovated, or a brilliantly effective design idea used in your own remodel, do share it with us in the comments section below..


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