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Even if you have zeroed in on a couple of properties, here are a few basic guidelines for you to follow before you sign the rent agreement.

Everything you need to know before you rent a property

Even if you have zeroed in on a couple of properties, there are many factors that you should look into personally to ensure that renting a property is a smooth experience for both you and your landlord.To make renting and moving into a new space an easy andpeaceful process, it is important to verify facts, check documents, know theterms and conditions as well as the before and after process. 

Here are a few basic guidelines to follow before you sign the paper.

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A house for rent in a residential neighborhood

Rent Agreement

Manya times, people are so eager to move in that they sign therental agreement without going through it carefully. Trust is important but at the same time, to play it safe, it is best to read the entire rental agreementcarefully and revise it if necessary.

Arent agreement includes all the terms, conditions, legal matters and allother points, that the landlord and the leaser will abide by. It is a legaldocument and if any of the conditions are violated, by either party, they canapproach court for dispute resolution.

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The terms and conditions should be crystal clear

The rent agreement should include details like licence period, municipal taxes,housing society monthly charges and so on. It should also be crystal clear on terms for payments for bills such as electricity, telephone,and any other bills related to the property. The deposit paid to the landlord should be clearly mentioned in the agreement, as well as the terms of refund, and any deductions that will be made in the deposit at the end of the contract period for instance for repainting or cleaning the space.

Documents & Bills

Check the original documents of the house;  the property papers, share certificates of the housing society, the electricity bills in the the name of the owner, housing society receipts, identity proof, documents to verify the built-up area, no-objection certificate if required,documents needed by the housing society and so on.

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Check all documents are in order

Be ‘Sherlock Holmes’

Emulate your favorite detective! Check all credentials carefully and thoroughly. Since you have already checked that the  person offering the property for rent is the genuine owner of the property, the next step is to speak to your future neighbors regarding the security, maintenance, water supply, electricity outages etc. to determine whether you will be comfortable in your new home.

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Read the rent agreement carefully!

Visit The Property

Actually visiting the property and conducting an onsite inspection is important. Check if the plumbingand electrical connections are in good working order, if there are any water leaksor faults in the wiring system, etc.  Find out if the taps, showers, flush tanks, wall paint etc are in goodcondition point out any areas of concern and request the landlord to have them fixed before you move in. Also check the doors, windows, locks etc., to determine that they are in usable condition. 

We recommend that you clear even the smallest of your doubts regarding the house that you are about to rent before signing on the dotted line. Think about pre and post rental cleaning and painting, electrical work, carpentry work and other issues that may crop up and the associated costs, and clear all your doubts so that your mind is at peace and to avoid misunderstandings with the landlord in the future. 

Now all you have to do is hire the right packer and mover and get going!



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