9 Things To Do When Moving Into A New Home

Obtaining a new home is not an easy task, and when you do, it just doesn’t end there. What comes next is just as important, read on to know more.

9 Things To Do When Moving Into A New Home

Obtaining a new home is not an easy task, and when you do, it just doesn’t end there. What comes next is just as important, read on to know more.

HomeTriangle brings you this comprehensive guide to help you settle down in your new home. These are the things you must do when moving into your new home, this list is here to act as a reminder if you needed to do any of these.

1. Perform A Thorough Inspection

inspect home thoroughly

Even though you might have checked the property prior to the purchase, it does not hurt to check once more, just to be on the safer side. You can also plan out the layout and the furniture placement in your new home, just bring along a measuring tape to aid you there. If you plan out all of this beforehand, it will save you a lot of time when moving in and unloading your items.

In case you had made arrangements with the previous owner for any repairs or renovations, be sure to thoroughly inspect them. And if any furniture or fittings were included with the home’s purchase, check whether they have been removed or not.

Following through with all of this will ensure that you don’t get cheated, and will get your money’s worth. Also, don’t forget to check the doors, windows, and light switches. Test all taps and pipes for any leaks.

2. Renovate Or Repair Before Moving In

renovate or repair home

Getting repairs or renovation work done in an empty house is far easier than in a home congested with furniture and people. So this is the ideal time to get to work if you have any plans for the house.

Floorwork and painting are something that can be easily done in this situation. And if you do get the house painted, it is better not to move in immediately because of the paint smell.

3. Setup The Basics

Setting up all the basic amenities for your home is something you will do, but the “when” matters too. Try setting up or sorting out the water, electricity, and gas connections before you move in, and we did not forget the internet connection, just checking if you forgot instead.

Anyways, having all of the basics ready and available will make your life so much easier when you move in. As it is quite tiring to deal with all of these things after unloading, and unpacking when you move in. And yes, it sucks having to wait for an internet connection with the help of expert plumbers, or electricians in Sacramento, Isleton, or wherever you're located after you have just moved in, as most of them take at least a day or two.

Here’s a handy tip- take pictures and note down the readings of the energy, and smart water meters. If you are moving in for rent then you better note down the number, position, and condition of the light bulbs the owner has left in the house if they have, along with any other appliances or furniture.

4. Pack Wisely

packing for house shifting

Unpacking is usually a pain, muddled things, socks in a saucer, and many more such atrocities, it is such a chore to get organized again. But you can save yourself from all of these if you make a proper unpacking plan.

Label the boxes while packing, group items, and store them, the kitchen stuff should go in the kitchen boxes, and so on. Then when you are unpacking, take the boxes to the rooms where they should be unpacked, then get shifting, should be much easier than blindly going about with this whole process.

5. Secure Your Stronghold

There is one major thing that people tend to ignore or forget about- the locks. You can ignore this if you got a new home built, but this is very crucial when you buy pre-built homes or acquire one from previous owners.

Get every lock changed as soon as possible, you never know how many copies of the keys exist, and with whom they lie. Better to be safe than sorry, so when you get the locks changed, even if someone else has the keys, they will all be rendered useless.

This is also the perfect time to get security upgrades like CCTV cameras, and fire alarms and to also get a couple of secret doors installed maybe?

6. Schedule A Deep Clean

home deep cleaning

When to get your house a thorough scrubbing than when it is completely empty? In fact, this is one of the must-do things before moving in, even more so if it had previously been inhabited. One deep cleaning appointment should wipe your home of all visible and invisible traces of habitation, and give it a new look. We cannot guarantee that this will remove the ghosts in your home if it turns out to be haunted though.

7. Make It Child And Pet Safe

If you have small children or pets, then it is better to take measures to protect them from harm. Check for any sharp edges and corners where kids could get hurt, like furniture walls, under the stairs, and any other place you can think of. Take additional measures if there are low walls or railings with large spaces in them, if they do then better to get a protective grill to barricade them.

Do not forget to cover power outlets that your child could read. And do not stack anything that could be toppled over. Install child locks wherever they are necessary, you don’t want them to hurt their fingers by a door. It is also a good time to set up a space for your pet and tuck away any hanging wires or chords.

8. Update Your Address

Change your address as soon as possible, as it is quite hard to get it done immediately when you move in. You might need to get the address proof of your new home in the form of electricity or water bills to get your important documents like Aadhar updated. The more you delay this process, the messier it will get in the future, so get to it ASAP.

9. Say Hello To Your Neighbors

Greet Neighbors

Unless your home is in the middle of nowhere, and there’s no one living around you, you might want to connect with your neighbors. Visit them, and let them know who moved in next door, while you get to know them.

Even if you do not want to mingle with them, basic introductions are a necessity. They might come in handy for emergency situations and stuff, you never know what tomorrow has in store.