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Whether it is cleaning, designing or organising, HomeTriangle offers doorstep services right when you need them. It is easy and right on your fingertips, just choose your city and the service you need, HomeTriangle will connect you to the best professionals to fit your needs. When you have a house, you need to maintain it, fix your overheated appliance, deep clean your Sofa before a party, design your new bedroom, get a kitchen makeover, list your needs and let HomeTriangle handle the rest. In fact, services that move a little beyond your home too, scroll down to know about them! Find your professional and fix your need!

Home Maintenance in Pune

Our homes are one of the few things that we can invest best in. While it takes just minutes to buy one, it takes months and years to properly maintain our homes. It is significant to note that routinely maintaining our homes will help them in becoming more immune to dust, pests, and depreciation.

While doing the task by yourself might save you a tiny bit of money it definitely won’t help you in the long run. That is because professionals who cater their services to this particular niche have tools and methods which can perform far efficiently than our generalized approach. So that is where HomeTriangle comes in, we are a marketplace that connects homeowners like you to verified and certified professionals, people who know what they are doing.

Top 2 benefits of a greatly maintained home:

Enhances the life span of appliances: Yes you heard it right, regularly maintaining your home’s condition will help in increasing the lifetime value of your precious electronics. The life cycle of any appliance indirectly depends on how well it is kept and how hygienic the place it is kept.

Improves the overall quality of your home: We are willfully dependent on our appliances, managing our daily routines without them seems wholly impossible today. A damaged AC system or a dysfunctional washing machine will be the cause of our disappointment.

Home Improvements in Pune

At hometriangle we provide home improvement services, the projects consist of upgrading your home interiors to make your living space beautiful. We provide various services like fabrications, painting, renovations, interiors and so on, to provide you assistance from our experts point of view to maintain and improve your home. Every home needs these services as it will enhance your space. As well as improving the comfort of your home, making it look more attractive as Home Improvements gives a sensation of freshness.

Above all else, it upgrades the style of your home. Furthermore with these services the future of your home is secured as the electrical issues, plumbing issues, spills from rooftops, or any breaks in any spot, are addressed to and fixed while revamping homes therefore these improvement services provide more security to you and your homes.

Appliances in Pune

Be it your kitchen, your bedroom or your bathroom, appliances aid your lifestyle and make your life so much easier. Entertainment, cooking, bathing, we use appliances everywhere. So what happens when they stop working? It’s a life altering experience. Imagine your washing machine is down or your geyser has troubles during peak winter, things can get very rough, but not with HomeTriangle. Repairs, maintenance and installation at your fingertips, connect with professionals and get your appliance back to aiding you.

Events Management in Pune

Are you planning to get married, or host a party, gathering, conference or any other event then you're at the right place! Here, at hometriangle we help you accomplish your moments by giving you the best event management services, making your day the best occasion possible.

We curate events, overseeing and fulfilling tasks of organizing, arranging, coordinating and creating your day by handling logistics, management, decorations, staff and bringing a project to life.

Contact our experts to get the experience of a lifetime!

Wellness in Pune

Wellness is the habit of accumulating healthy habits to enhance our overall physical health. The phrase- ‘health is wealth’ is not so far-fetched indeed. Taking proper care of our health is an important factor in our life span. Developing healthy habits that will further enhance our lifestyle. Some of the best wellness practices include exercising, practicing mindfulness, social connectedness, diet nutrition, and sleep. Without these, our bodies won’t be sustainable for a longer period. While can live our life like that, it won’t definitely be healthy. So Hometriangle offers you the best of the wellness services one could have asked for. Here we have got you covered for effectively managing your health.

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Personal in Pune

Self Care is very essential, and HomeTriangle brings to you services that connect with experts who can help you with taking care of yourself.