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Connect with property managers near you to make life easier

Connect with property management to make life easier

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    Rent Bell
    5 (11 reviews)
    Verified Elite
Rent Bell
5 (11 reviews)

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Verified Elite
3719 home services completed
9 Years In Business
Neha shankar  says, “Rent Bell has been a great asset to my property management business. They have saved me time and helped me grow my business. They have been very helpful with all the tasks I needed them to do, whether it be sending out mailers, taking care of tenant requests, or helping with marketing. I highly recommend them to all property managers.”
RES Management
5 (8 reviews)

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15 home services completed
5 Years In Business
Swaminathan  says, “top-notch service. Thank you for always going above and beyond.”
Royal Property Market
5 (8 reviews)

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90 home services completed
7 Years In Business
Mohit  says, “ Genuinely amazing experience from start to finish!”
5 (7 reviews)

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17 home services completed
5 Years In Business
Nitya  says, “Highly recommend team for your property Management!”

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8 home services completed
23 Years In Business
Madhur Kohli  says, “Great value for the quality of service ”

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Top Recent Customer Reviews

  1. M


    “Everyone was very helpful and friendly with their service. They were able to fix the issue quickly and with affordable prices. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  Dhakad property services

  2. S


    “I'm happy to say that my family and I have a much safer, more affordable home since moving into Annai Bharath Housing. They've been constantly improving the property management services in the community. I recommend them to any person looking for a new home!”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  Annai Bharath Housing

  3. R


    “I recently switched to GSR Realtors and I am very happy with their service. They are professional, courteous, and very affordable. GSR Realtors is the property management service work was done by them is excellent they resolved a issue quickly with affordable prices.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  GSR Realtors

  4. S


    “I was looking for an affordable property management service for my three bedroom apartment. RES Management was the cheapest one I found and had great reviews. They were able to send over a professional property manager who is also an excellent communicator and they resolved my issue easily.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  RES Management

  5. R


    “I hired Heaven Space to manage my property. I wasn't really sure what I wanted, but they helped me understand the best steps to take in order to get what I wanted. They were very professional and stayed in contact with me through the entire process. They were very affordable and able to do more than one property at a time!”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  Heaven Space

  6. N


    “I had a problem with my property and didn't know who to call about it. I found 360 Property Management Services, told them what was going on and they took care of the issue for me. They resolved the issue quickly and at an affordable price! I was really surprised by how easy it all went and that's a testament to their professionalism.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  360 Property Management Services

  7. P


    “Nimmadhi Property Management handled my property management needs superbly! They were quick and efficient in addressing my concerns and managing my property. They provided a great service with an affordable price and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for property management services.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  Nimmadhi Property Management

  8. K


    “I had a great experience with Arham Promoter. They are very professional and quick to respond. They did a property management service for me and it was done in the most professional manner possible. The property manager was also very understanding and helpful with the whole process, making sure I felt well taken care of throughout the entire thing...The price that they offered was also reasonable,”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  Arham Promoter

  9. K


    “I have been working with Relybricks for a few months now, and the experience has been quite good. They are reliable and their property management service is awesome. The price they offer is also very affordable and I will continue to work with them in the future.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  Relybricks Property Management

  10. D


    “I went to Rays Properties for help with a property management problem I had. They were able to solve my issue within hours and even took care of the clean up. They didn't try and make me pay more than I needed to and stayed on top of my tenancy agreement needs.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  Rays Properties

  11. M


    “I highly recommend this company for property management services. They've done some work for me and my family and it's been great. The work was done fairly quickly and at a reasonable price.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  Konnect Property Management Services

  12. S


    “I highly recommend NRI Home Services. They are the property mangement service provider I've been searching for. Their work was done quickly and at a wonderful price with excellent customer service.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  NRI Home Services

  13. S


    “I had hired Agile Property Management for my property management firm and the results were excellent. They resolved a problem I was having quickly and the prices were affordable. They had been in business for over 20 years and knew what they were doing.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  Agile Property Management

  14. N


    “Bivocal Birds fixed my issue quickly for a very fair price. The property management service was doing beautifully and I even had a few more questions. They were so kind and understanding to them, even though it wasn't their job to answer.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  Bivocal Birds

  15. G


    “I highly recommend PropCare Property Management they were professional and affordable. They took care of a problem that other property managers couldn't seem to fix and got it done right the first time.”

    Jun, 14 2022 |  PropCare Property Management

All About Property Management

When landowners are amassed with collecting payments from numerous people and managing the condition of their property at all once, it is very easy to get stressed and overworked. Property management is not a task that should be should be treated like a side dish. When you give the best quality of rental property management with all the facilities and conveniences to your tenants, they are bound to stick with you for a longer period. As always, a good house must be maintained and cared for, in order for it to be good in the future as well. And opting for our property management services will enable you to rest easy while we take care of and manage all the responsibilities of a rental property.

What do you get when you choose us?

Selecting the best property management company to aid in your business, can be a challenging task, especially when you are packed with a busy schedule. Choosing home triangle as your property management partner can be incredibly productive for you, as we save you time and money. 

How do we save your time?

Partnering with the best of professionals, we present you with an efficient team that caters to all your rental management goals. You, being a property owner, do not have to check in every day to track the progress of property development as we essentially present you the data, every day.

How do we save your money?

Hometriangle always has a strong belief in providing quality over quantity. The moment you book our services, you are assured of a satisfactory experience from our side. Opting for property management services from us will enable you to focus your energy on other tasks and businesses, hence increasing your productivity and profits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are operational in all major cities in India and are planning to expand to smaller cities as well.
Yes, we manage both residential and commercial properties.
You can reach us at, 7676000100 or mail us at
Normally, we look for someone who has a good credit score, employment history, and nice behavior.

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