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Connect with mehndi artists near you to make life easier

Connect with mehndi artist to make life easier

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Kajal Mehndi Artist
5 (11 reviews)

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Verified Reputable Elite
477 home services completed
9 Years In Business
Anil Kumar  says, “nice ”

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Verified Elite
129 home services completed
12 Years In Business
Priyanka  says, “I liked there work n it's beautiful ❤️ ”
Mukesh Mehandi Artist
5 (7 reviews)

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Verified Elite
178 home services completed
16 Years In Business
Mira Ratta  says, “Would highly recommend.”

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Verified Elite
202 home services completed
6 Years In Business
Anil  says, “mehandi artist book”
Sana Mehendi Artists
5 (7 reviews)

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Verified Elite
309 home services completed
9 Years In Business
Shadid Deena  says, “They are professionals in Mehndi designs.”

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Top Recent Customer Reviews

  1. f



    Jan, 13 2024 |  Shalini Mehndi Artist

  2. A


    “nice ”

    Jan, 08 2024 |  Kajal Mehndi Artist

  3. A


    “Had great experience with Aryan Mehandi Artist. They were on time and did an exceptional Mehandi. They are very professional. If anyone looking for good mehindi artist I would recommend them! ”

    Dec, 12 2023 |  Aryan Mehandi Art

  4. S


    “Prashanthi service is very good awesome in designs”

    Dec, 11 2023 |  Prashanthi Mehndi Artisit

  5. R


    “Very well done mehendi. Very nice experience, will suggest to others ”

    Nov, 10 2023 |  Shalini Mehndi Artist

  6. R


    “Very well done mehendi. Very nice experience, will suggest to others ”

    Nov, 10 2023 |  Shalini Mehndi Artist

  7. R


    “great service and amazing mehndi artist im verry happy tns malik mehndi art ”

    Sep, 19 2023 |  Malik Mehndi Art

  8. P


    “I liked there work n it's beautiful ❤️ ”

    Aug, 31 2023 |  Quraths Mehandi Studio

  9. P


    “Very nice work and kind professional ”

    Aug, 30 2023 |  Glamour Mehendi Arts

  10. N


    “Amazing design collection. ”

    Aug, 22 2023 |  Quraths Mehandi Studio

  11. R


    “mehndi artist at home service”

    Aug, 02 2023 |  Vision Vivaah

  12. R


    “best Mehandi artist in Delhi ”

    Aug, 02 2023 |  Rinku Mehandi Artist - Delhi

  13. S


    “Beautiful mehandi in less time. Excellent work. And good manners also. ”

    Jul, 05 2023 |  Prashanthi Mehndi Artisit

  14. Y


    “very polite, patient and was able to create same designs as shown, she was very fast as well. amazing service”

    Jul, 01 2023 |  Prashanthi Mehndi Artisit

  15. S


    “She is applying by her own but fantastic designs awesome we loved her work we are interested to call her in my house all events thank you shalini for u r beautiful work. ”

    Jun, 24 2023 |  Shalini Mehndi Artist

All About Mehndi Artist

Welcome to HomeTriangles Mehndi Artist at Home service! We connect you with experienced and talented Mehndi artists right at your doorstep. Our service caters to all your Mehndi needs, be it a wedding, a festival, a special event, or simply a love for this beautiful and timeless art form.

Our Service

At HomeTriangle, we understand that Mehndi is not just about aesthetics; it is an essential part of our tradition and celebration. Our service range is broad, catering to diverse styles and designs:

  1. Traditional Bridal Mehndi: For brides seeking the classic intricate and detailed designs that fill the palms, arms, and feet, capturing the essence of tradition and the joy of her upcoming marriage.

  2. Arabic Mehndi: For those who prefer bolder, simpler designs, our artists excel in the Arabic style, characterized by beautiful flowers, vines, and leaves.

  3. Indo-Western Mehndi: This style is a fusion of traditional Indian designs with contemporary, minimalist patterns, perfect for those wanting a unique, trendy touch.

  4. Festive Mehndi: Our artists are well-equipped to adorn your hands with beautiful Mehndi designs for festivals like Diwali, Eid, Karva Chauth, or any special occasion.

  5. Thematic Mehndi: If you have a specific theme or design in mind, our artists can bring it to life on your hands and feet.

Why Choose Us

Choosing our Mehndi Artist at Home service ensures a comfortable, convenient, and thoroughly professional experience:

  1. Experienced Artists: Our Mehndi artists are highly skilled, bringing years of experience to your doorstep. Theyre adept at a range of styles, ensuring that you get exactly what you envision.

  2. Quality: We use only high-quality, skin-friendly henna that produces a dark and long-lasting color.

  3. Personalized Service: Your preference is our priority. Our artists will consult with you about designs and patterns to ensure that the final result matches your expectations.

  4. Hygiene: We adhere to strict hygiene standards. All our tools and materials are sanitized before use.

  5. Convenience: Forget about the travel and waiting times. We bring the Mehndi service right to your doorstep, at a time that suits you.

Booking and Pricing

Booking our Mehndi Artist at Home service is as simple as filling out our contact form or giving us a call. Well discuss your requirements, preferred dates, and timings. Pricing varies based on the complexity of the designs and the number of hands to be adorned. We offer a variety of packages tailored to your needs and budget.

Mehndi is an age-old tradition that adds beauty, joy, and auspiciousness to any celebration. Whether youre a bride-to-be, celebrating a festival, or simply wishing to indulge in this gorgeous art form, our Mehndi Artist at Home service is the perfect choice.

With our team of experienced Mehndi artists, a commitment to quality, and a focus on your comfort and convenience, we ensure an excellent service experience right in the comfort of your home. At HomeTriangle, we believe in preserving and promoting our traditions, while ensuring the highest standards of service. Trust us to add that special touch of tradition to your celebrations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our artists are skilled in a wide range of styles, including traditional bridal, Arabic, Indo-Western, festive, and thematic Mehndi. They are adept at customizing designs to match your preferences.
The duration depends on the complexity of the design and the area to be covered. A basic design can take about an hour, while intricate bridal Mehndi can take several hours.
We use high-quality, natural henna that is generally safe for all skin types. If you have extremely sensitive skin or specific allergies, please let us know beforehand.
The longevity of the Mehndi color depends on various factors including skin type and care. Typically, it lasts from 1 to 3 weeks.
Absolutely! Our artists excel in creating custom designs. Please share your ideas with us in advance to allow the artist to prepare accordingly.
We recommend booking as early as possible, especially during wedding and festival seasons, to secure your preferred dates and times.
Yes, we can arrange for multiple artists to cater to larger groups. Please let us know the number of people while booking so we can plan accordingly.
Keeping the henna paste on for longer, avoiding water on the design for the first day, and applying eucalyptus oil can help to darken the color.
Yes, our Mehndi artists can adorn both hands and feet based on your preference. Please specify your requirements when booking.

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