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Frequently Asked Questions

Can older children be included in the naming ceremony?

Of course, they can be. If you have older kids encourage them to participate in the function.

Can religious elements be included in the program?

Why not, it all depends on your likes and preferences, we are open to catering to all types of needs.

Where can we host the naming ceremony?

Most folks prefer to celebrate in their homes as they consider the naming ceremony to be the auspicious beginning of the newborn’s life. But you got other options too.

Can we host a renaming ceremony for adults?

Names are names, they instill such identity in our lives that if we want to alter or change we should be able to do so.

Can I do a naming ceremony for pets?

Surely, it will be wholesome and perfect to have witnessed a cute furry friend being named.

All About Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is the process through which a person or group of people are officially given a name. Depending on a persons culture and religion, the practice might take many various forms. It is possible to give a child a name as soon as a few days after birth or wait several months or even years.

This ritual is used to give a child a birth name.

The naming ceremony event at Hometriangle will help you and your child to have the best memories to cherish even decades down the line as our experts will help you make the most out of this ceremony!

Good Reasons why you need to organize a naming ceremony

  • A naming ceremony makes parents think about parenthood
  • it enables formal public demonstrations of gratitude
  • it brings people together to support the parents
  • And most importantly naming ceremony are fun and entertaining and bring people together to welcome and celebrate joy and happiness of this new life in your home!

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