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We wanted to clean our floor in a perfect manner, we contacted these people. They sent 2 people to our house. They cleaned the floor properly. Their rates were nominal. We are satisfied with their service.

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Super cleaning services....


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When i raised the inquiry request,Puttaraju who is the owner called me straight away offering help and he was very humble and explained the services that they provide.Team which he sent reached my home in-time and they were very professional and did their job well.I suggest opt their services for all your home needs -Darshan Rao


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I had service with ANZ Pest Control.. I had a good Service and Co=ordination with them.. I like the Professional service, was very Good.. Now I have Approached for AMC.


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They did a great job! arrived on time, I have never seen my bathrooms so clean..i will suggest to every one!


Service Floor Polishing and Restoration in Bangalore

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Natural stones like marble and granite are used in homes on many surfaces. From floors, sinks, vanities, tabletops and baths, natural stone can be used in many areas of your home. To maintain the surface shine of marble and granite it is best to keep it dust free and clean using a soft cloth, warm water and specific natural stone cleaners that are non-abrasive.

Even with diligent maintenance, your expensive marble and granite can often develop water stains, scratches and marks with years of use and may require the attention of a professional marble and granite polisher. The polish or sheen of natural stone is not achieved by the application of a lotion or chemical, on the contrary it requires a high friction process where the surface of the stone is ground with the help of a machine to produce the shine or 'polish'. This is a specialised process that requires a trained professional who ascertains the exact grindstones to be used and the amount of time required according to the type of marble or granite to be polished. 

The skill involved in polishing marble and granite cannot be emphasised enough, because the machines used are heavy and specialised, the polishing process needs to be carried out in a systematic manner to insure that the marble or granite does not develop cracks and is ground down to an even level. If any area is over treated it will create a depression in the stone for water to collect that will lead to staining in the long run, ruining the effect of the polish. This is especially important when the stone is placed in a wet area like a bathroom.

As always asking for recommendations from friends, family and colleagues is a good place to start when looking for a marble and granite polishing professional. A good recommendation can help you narrow down your list of prospective hires to a few selected and trustworthy professionals who will deliver on schedule and on budget while making sure that the expensive marble or granite used to beautify your home is not damaged in any way. Asking for a clear, step by step plan from the professional marble or granite polishing professional will further help you put your mind to rest about the details of the job like time, budget, quality of materials and type of machines being used, etc. 

HomeTriangle is a preferred choice for savvy homeowners today. Hiring an expert local Floor Polishing and Restoration provider in Bangalore was never so easy! Our hassle free Floor Polishing and Restoration are available in Bangalore. To book a HomeTriangle vetted, professional Floor Polishing and Restoration today, pick your location, tell about your improvement or repair requirement, we will match you with the quality Floor Polishing and Restoration professionals with their prices and reviews. You are free to choose any professional who matches your budget and requirements. Book any of them and rest assured that the chosen Floor Polishing and Restoration professionals will be at your doorstep ready to meet all your needs.

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