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Colorfull Electrical Service

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IK Service

IK Service




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Sky Tech

Sky Tech




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Badar Enterprises

Badar Enterprises




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Future enterprises

Future enterprises




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How much geyser service cost?

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How much geyser service experts in Bangalore cost?

299 - ₹299

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On an average, geyser service costs ₹499. However, geyser service price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, geyser service professionals generally charge between ₹249 and ₹299, and the higher end prices can range from ₹799 to ₹999.




299 - ₹799

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National average cost


Low-end cost range

249 - ₹299

High-end cost range

799 - ₹999

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide doorstep Geyser service?

It depends on the problem. If the problem is minor and the repair is possible at your place, it will be done there itself, otherwise, it'll be taken to the service station.

Where can I find the best geyser repair near me?

HomeTriangle has experienced professionals offering reliable geyser service all around you at affordable prices.

What is included in a Johnson geyser service from HomeTriangle?

A geyser service from HomeTriangle includes : Geyser leakage: Our professional will check for any leaks and fix them Shifting and fitting: Our professional will remove or fix your geyser when you are shifting homes Faulty Thermostat: Faulty thermostat is a common issue and our professional will take care of it. Outlet valve blockage: Our professional will ensure that there are no blockages on the outlet valves to ensure optimal performance of the geyser.

What if the warranty on my geyser water heater has expired?

If the warranty on your geyser water heater has expired, the technicians will help you fix the water heater at a minimal cost. They will charge a certain sum of money to replace the required damaged components with new ones.

Do you provide Racold geyser service?

Yes. Our professionals do provide Racold geyser service, repair, and installation.

If spare parts are required for the AO Smith geyser service, do I need to pay for them in advance?

If the professional is going to buy the materials, then you need to pay the money in advance so that the professional can make payments while buying the parts. You will be given acknowledgment bills after the purchase.

How much does a Crompton Geyser service cost?

A Crompton or Bajaj geyser service or service for any geysers starts at Rs 549. The cost of the service might vary depending on the issue and the condition of the geyser.

Does a geyser need servicing?

Yes, a geyser requires regular servicing to ensure it functions optimally and safely. Regular maintenance helps extend the lifespan of the geyser, improves energy efficiency, and prevents major breakdowns.

Who should I call for a faulty geyser?

For a faulty geyser, it is recommended to call a professional geyser service provider. At HomeTriangle, we provide expert services for a variety of geyser problems, connecting you with skilled professionals who can effectively handle your geyser issues.

How do you maintain a geyser?

Geyser maintenance involves regular servicing, which includes checking for leaks, inspecting the anode rod, flushing the tank to remove sediment build-up, testing the pressure relief valve, checking the thermostat, and inspecting the heating element.

How often should a geyser be serviced?

Typically, a geyser should be serviced once a year. However, the frequency might depend on the quality of your water. If you have hard water, it may require more frequent servicing due to a higher degree of mineral deposit build-up.

Can a geyser burn without water?

Yes, a geyser can burn out if it is left to heat without water. This can cause damage to the heating element and other components. It's important to ensure your geyser always has enough water to prevent such problems.

Why is my geyser not heating up?

There could be several reasons for a geyser not heating up. These include a faulty thermostat, a tripped circuit breaker, a broken heating element, or a significant build-up of sediment. If your geyser isn't heating up, it's best to call a professional for an accurate diagnosis and solution.

Is it safe to leave a geyser on all the time?

While modern geysers are equipped with safety features that regulate temperature and pressure, it's generally not recommended to leave your geyser on all the time. This can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and could potentially reduce the lifespan of the geyser. For safety and energy efficiency, it's better to turn on your geyser only when necessary.

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All About Geyser Service

Understanding Geyser Problems

When your geyser starts delivering only cold water, its an unwelcome sign that it might be wearing out. Like all appliances, geysers too have a lifespan that can be extended with regular professional maintenance.

If you are experiencing the following issues:

  • Absence of hot water
  • Leakage
  • Unusual noises
  • Rust-coloured water
  • Overheating

Its time to seek a professional geyser service in Bangalore.

Why Choose HomeTriangle for Geyser Services?

HomeTriangle connects you with highly skilled, trained professionals offering the best geyser service in Bangalore. With over a decade of experience and competitive prices, our geyser experts are equipped to service various brands such as Havells, AO Smith, Racold, Bajaj, Venus, Ariston, Lexus, Usha, and more.

HomeTriangle’s Comprehensive Geyser Service

Our services include:

  • Geyser Leakage: Our experts will identify any leaks and fix them promptly.
  • Shifting and Fitting: Whether youre moving homes or simply redecorating, we will safely install or remove your geyser.
  • Faulty Thermostat: A common geyser issue that our professionals can expertly handle.
  • Outlet Valve Blockage: We ensure no blockages are present on the outlet valves for optimal geyser performance.

Dealing with Common Geyser Problems

Our professionals can diagnose and rectify several geyser issues:

  • Inadequate Hot Water: Often due to a failed heating element or faulty thermostat.
  • Unpleasant Odor: Sometimes caused by a chemical reaction between your geyser’s magnesium anode and hot water.
  • Rust-Infused Water: Usually the result of a deteriorating anode rod.
  • Overflow or Dripping: More than a few liters per day can indicate a faulty pressure control valve.
  • Overheating: Incorrect thermostat temperature, mineral buildup, and geyser pressure valve leakage often cause this.
  • Low Grumbling or Cracking Noise: A buildup of mineral deposits can lead to the appliance overheating.
  • Poor Hot Water Pressure.

Why HomeTriangle Geyser Service?

Choosing HomeTriangle means benefiting from:

  • Highly skilled, trained, and experienced professionals
  • Quality service at affordable prices
  • Dedicated customer service for all your queries and complaints
  • Hassle-free service

Our charges are determined only after a detailed inspection to ensure transparency.

Our Geyser Service Portfolio

HomeTriangles extensive services cover a variety of brands. We provide:

  • Racold Geyser Service
  • AO Smith Geyser Service
  • Venus Heater Service
  • Crompton Geyser Repair
  • Bajaj Geyser Service
  • Johnson Geyser Service
  • Usha Geyser Service
  • V Guard Geyser Repair

And many more.

Whether youre looking for geyser repair near me, geyser service near me, "geyser cleaning services, Crompton geyser service, or "Jaquar geyser service, your search ends with HomeTriangle. Were dedicated to making your geyser repair online experience as simple and satisfying as possible. Trust us with your geyser service in Bangalore needs. Contact us today.

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