Why Should We Dance? 6 Health Benefits Of Dancing

It's safe to say that almost everyone loves to dance. But apart from dance being an art form, it has several health benefits. What are they? Let's find out:

Why Should We Dance? 6 Health Benefits Of Dancing


It's a safe bet to say that almost everyone loves to dance. Who doesn't love grooving to their favourite music and singing their hearts out to the lyrics? But apart from dance being an art form, it provides several health benefits. But what are they? Let's find out:

1) Overall Fitness

As someone who hates going to the gym, I can relate to the people who detest going to the gym. But this doesn't mean you don't work out. Dance is the best option and a perfect substitute for cardio, as several researchers and scientists have claimed that dance is a great cardio workout similar to running and walking. Apart from this, dancing will also provide endurance and tone your muscles. If you want to get in shape and improve your cardiovascular health and endurance, dancing is the key!

Overall Fitness

2) Helps You Lose Weight

Since we have already established that dance is a great workout routine, it goes without saying that regular dancing will help you lose the excess weight and fat stored in your body. It's because when you dance, you burn more calories and increase the metabolism rate in your body. When that happens, the excess fat will naturally be burned to compensate for the calories you burn. Your body needs energy to survive, and when the calorie intake (the food you eat) is less than the calories burned, the body has no other option than to use the fat as an energy source.

Lose Weight

3) Body Balance

If you are a clumsy person, then this point must have intrigued you. You might have noticed that dancers are usually flexible and have a good balance of their bodies. This is because dancing demands the whole body movement and coordination of every body part. When there is coordination, it improves our body balance. If we have a good body balance, it enhances our core body strength and contributes to our brain health as well. Apart from this, a few posture issues are caused by a lack of balance. Dancing solves that as well.

Body Balance

Should I stop writing, or do you need a little more convincing? Nevertheless, here's more:

4) Reduces Stress

This might sound technical, but when you dance, you naturally focus on your movements and coordinate your body with the music. This helps you distract from your life concerns and thoughts, at least for a brief amount of time. When there is a positive distraction, it enhances your brain health and improves your overall mood. Since it is known that listening to music is therapeutic, and dance is usually accompanied by music, the trigger to your emotional responses and to express the suppressed emotions are highly possible.

Reduces Stress

5) Improves Cognitive Health

Once again, this is gonna sound technical, but hear me out! I'll brief it for you.

While learning new moves or dance routines, you improve your memory and cause neuroplasticity as your brain creates new neural connections to store the information. Apart from this, you multitask, trying to match the rhythm of the music with your body movements. This also improves your body's coordination. Since dance promotes neuroplasticity, coordination, and multitasking abilities, you enhance your cognitive health when you dance.

Cognitive Health

6) Helps You Gain Confidence

The current generation struggles with body confidence, and it causes a limit to which they can improve their personal and social skills. Dance is a great way to learn more about your body since it demands coordination & movements. When you begin understanding your body and its capabilities during this process, you improve your physical and mental health and gain confidence. And now that you know how to dance, you can improve your social connections by meeting more people at gatherings or parties.

Gain Confidence


Dance has no rules but to express ourselves. So do not doubt yourself if you're a good dancer or not. You don't have to be a great dancer to dance. Just get up from your sofa and break a leg (Not literally!).