Which Gas Stove is Best? Steel vs. Glass Top; The Ultimate Showdown

In a fix trying to choose between steel and glass? Explore the differences between a stainless steel and glass top gas stove.

Choosing the right Gas Stove for your kitchen is nothing short of a quest. It is, after all, your constant cooking companion. In this search to find the perfect Gas stove, you are sure to come across the crossroads of steel and glass. Although everyone knows where those two paths lead, it still causes them to pause and waver in uncertainty. Hence this pathfinder of an article, use it to navigate to your cooking companion.

To make the choosing easy, we will compare them based on the important characteristics of a gas stove.


This should be obvious, steel stoves outclass glass top stoves in durability. Steel stoves can endure a bit of abuse, accidental drops, and scrapes, the worst that can happen to them are dents, which can be fixed. Meanwhile, Glass stoves are more on the delicate side, even with toughened or tempered glass, they could get cracks and scratches, and to fix them you will need to replace the entire glass top.

Cleaning and Maintenance

While both types of stoves are easy to clean and maintain, the Glass top stoves come out on the top because of how easy they are to clean. Spills, stains, and any other mess on them can be easily dealt with with a few wipes, but unlike this, you will need to put in more elbow grease to clean stainless steel stoves. The only downside for the glass tops is the water marks and fingerprints which show very easily unlike on Steel stoves.

cleaning a glass top gas stove


While both have their own unique aesthetics, the classic and industrial aesthetic of the stainless steel stoves is outshone by the modern and minimalist aesthetic of the Glass top stoves. However, Glass top stoves need to be cleaned more frequently to maintain their appeal.

Glass top gas stove


The more fragile something is, the more expensive it tends to be. Going by this, the Glass top stoves are more expensive compared to stainless steel stoves. While there is no performance difference, the difference in price is due to the aesthetic. Unlike the steel stove whose entire body is usually steel, a glass top stove has a glass panel on top of its body, thereby adding to the cost.

The Best Stove

There is no single best stove for everyone, your best stove depends on your personal preferences. If you want durability, and like classy and industrial aesthetics, steel is your champion. If you are okay with cleaning regularly, treating it gently, and if you like the modern and minimalist aesthetic then glass should be a pass for you.

While these are the typical features of a steel and glass top stove, there are exceptions, you can find sleek and minimalistic steel stoves, and super hardened glass top stoves, each effectively surpassing their inherent weaknesses, but they are rare products and cost a fortune.

Hopefully, this should have cleared up your doubts about choosing between Steel and Glass top stoves. We have a complete gas stove purchasing checklist if you need additional information to purchase a gas stove.