What is Deep Cleaning? Is it Worth Hiring Professionals

Deep Cleaning is a commonly heard name in the home service sector, know all about it and the necessity of hiring a professional.

The only difference between regular and Deep house cleaning is how thoroughly a home is cleaned. We generally tend to ignore corners, hard-to-reach spaces, attics, space behind appliances, and every other nook and cranny while cleaning our homes every day. This is where Deep Cleaning comes into play. 

Deep Cleaning covers every neglected spot and aims to make your home dust and stain free. It’s not just the professionals who do Deep Cleaning, Indians usually do this before every major festival. But then why opt for a professional cleaning service if they can do it by themselves? The answer is simple, really, they are either too lazy to do it themselves, busy, or both. Whatever the case, they still cannot be as thorough as the deep cleaning professionals, it is just not a matter of skill, homeowners usually lack the cleaning implements that professionals possess. It also does not make any sense to buy cleaning implements that they would rarely use unless they are very rich. 

Now that you know the motivation behind people opting for a professional cleaning service, here’s a little peek into what A deep cleaning service is about.

What Does a Deep Cleaning Service Involve?

While what a deep cleaning service will cover will vary from business to business, here are some basic Deep Cleaning checkboxes once the regular cleaning is done.

Behind and Beneath the Furniture

Furniture is moved to expose all the dust and any creepy crawlies hiding in the shadows. This is a must to cull pests and allergies.


All the appliances will not only be neatly dusted and wiped but the insides will be cleaned too (upon request). This is crucial to get rid of the accumulated grime and fingerprints due to constant contact with the appliance surfaces.

Cleaning professional cleaning a gas stove

Ceilings and High Corners

Unless you live in some laboratory trying to breed radioactive spiders, the ceilings and corners will be cleaned out of cobwebs and dust. While on the ceiling, fans and light fixtures are delicately dusted off. 

Windows and Doors

Window glass, railings, and tracks are cleaned to get rid of the accumulated dust, these are often tricky to clean if the dust has accumulated for a long time, but nevertheless, they will be cleaned. The doors and door hinges are given a good wipe down too.

Cleaning professional cleaning a door handle

Walls and Floor

All the walls, switches, and baseboards will be cleaned along with the floor, and grouts. The cleaning professionals usually carry along a scrubbing machine to clean and restore your floor to its original shine.

Plumbing and Sanitaryware

All the Plumbing fixtures will be cleaned neatly along with the bath and sanitaryware in the bathrooms, removing both stains and odors.

Upholstery, Carpets, and Sheets

Carpets, Sheets, Sofas, and any other upholstery will be neatly vacuumed carefully to remove dust without damaging them. Some professionals use steam cleaners to kill bacteria and remove allergens.

Cleaning professional cleaning a sofa

Why Hire Professionals?

We already talked about the motive of the people opting for a professional cleaning service, but that was no reason for you to consider hiring professionals, so here are a few reasons to consider hiring a deep cleaning professional-


You might be cleaning because of threats from your parents or your significant other, or due to a Cleanliness Disorder, or because it is your hobby (why’s it even your hobby?), or just because you feel compelled to maintain cleanliness. But for a cleaning professional, it is different, it is their job, their livelihood. Think of the skills and experience they have accumulated over the years.


Professionals come all prepped up with specialized vacuum cleaners to floor scrubbers. They will even have magic chemicals to tackle tough stains (just make sure to check what chemicals they will be using beforehand if you don’t want any unpleasant surprises later on).

Cleaning professional steam cleaning an oven


Time is Money and Money is Time, every rupee spent on the cleaning professionals will save you time. The cleaning crew will complete the job as soon as possible which is beneficial for both the involved parties.

I’m sure I don’t have to stress about the hygienic benefits of cleaning, so even if you don’t mind living in a cluttered and dusty space, think about the impact on you and your family’s health that it will have.