Waking Up Early: Benefits that Go Over Your Head

Waking up early is the solution to half your problems. Here are some of the numerous advantages of waking up early that will improve your life.

It is a common thing to hate your alarm in the morning when you want to tuck in for 5 more minutes which eventually keeps you in bed for hours after. We all can agree, it is extremely unhealthy for your body and mind. Waking up early is the solution to half your problems including Physical Tiredness, Mental Wellbeing and Emotional mood swings. Here are some of the numerous advantages of waking up early that will definitely improve the quality of your life.

The Benefits

Going to bed early and waking up with a good night's rest can affect your lifestyle in a lot of ways. It is not a joke when successful people all around the world have gotten used to waking up early to maintain their "almost perfect" life. Here are a few benefits that an early morning can bring to your life:

1) Enhanced Productivity

Early birds often experience high productivity levels. The reason behind that is the fact that mornings are generally quiet and peaceful compared to an evening after work when you might have other commitments or just plain old tiredness. In the morning, people tend to be less distracted allowing them to focus on tasks and get a lot done in less time. This ultimately reduces stress and gives you a feeling of accomplishment which humans take much pride in. So, take off your lazy crocs and get into those shoes that get your work done.

2) Time for Self-Improvement

Waking up early gives you some quiet-time with yourself. You can utilize this time to do things like reading, writing, meditating or pursuing a hobby which gives you a sense of personal growth. If you can build a consistent routine, it can boost your confidence levels by giving you a sense of fulfilment.

3) Improves Mental Health

A good morning can help you relieve stress and anxiety by giving you time to work your way through the day. Some studies suggest that instead of pulling an all-nighter on your assignments, it is actually more productive if you work on them early morning. Waking up calmly during the day as opposed to rushing around, can make a big impact on your mental well-being. Try making your mornings more structured to have a happy rest of the day.

Woman waking up in pajamas

4) Healthier Eating Habits

Talk about having enough time to make yourself a healthy nutritious breakfast. Some people tend to avoid breakfast completely in their morning rush to make it to work or college, without realizing how much it affects their energy levels for the day. Having a healthy breakfast is crucial for your physical fitness and it also fuels your brain to be more focused and composed. An early morning gives you enough time to be innovative and find something different to eat everyday. You are welcome.

5) Improve Physical Health

Early risers tend to be more consistent with their workout regimes. Morning workouts can help boost your metabolism, balances out your everyday energy levels and keeps you in a fit shape for your everyday tasks. Your sleep cycle can also be regulated when exposed to the natural sunlight in the morning while receiving a good amount of Vitamin D directly from the boss of our Solar System.

6) Improves Time-Management

Waking up early is an effective way to improve Time-Management. It gives you enough time to set goals, plan your day and prioritize tasks more efficiently. Now, you can avoid last-minute stress by staying organized with your tasks. Improved time-management also means you can be the best version of you and put your creativity to full use. Serene early mornings, freshens up your mind with no distractions, making it an excellent time to brainstorm, solve problems and pursue your creative projects.

Woman waking up happy, smiling

7) Better Sleep Quality

Surprising, but true. Waking up early can actually improve the quality of sleep. Continuing to wake up early can regulate your circadian rhythm, which makes it easier to sleep at night and enjoy the rest you get. Getting good sleep can help you improve concentration while also reducing the risk of chronic diseases and is the reason why it is always necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, not getting enough sleep can weaken your immune system, which means you will fall sick often. Heart diseases, Diabetes, increases blood pressure, and decreased sex drive can all result if you do not get good sleep.


In summary, there are numerous advantages to rising early that can have a positive effect on different facets of your life. The benefits are numerous and include better eating habits, physical and mental well-being, increased productivity, and better mental health. If you don't wake up early already, think about gradually rearranging your sleep schedule so you can benefit from the peace and productivity of the early hours of the day. It could just be the positive adjustment your life needs.