Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Home Handyman/Woman

Racking your brain to decide on a gift for your loved one this valentine’s day? We have the perfect gift guide for the handy person in your life.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Home Handyman/Woman

If you are still thinking about what to give to the handyman or handywoman in your life, look no further. This article will help you zero in on the ideal gift for your handyperson. Whether they are into home improvement projects or enjoy spending time on DIY crafts, or just love fixing things around the house, there’s something to gift to everyone.

Here are some gifting ideas to help you in your endeavor-


Tools are a necessity for handypersons, it does not matter if they are seasoned veterans or if they are just starting out. Either way, they will appreciate a good tool. You can consider getting them a particular tool, one that they wanted. Or if you don’t exactly know what they want, you could play safe and get them a toolset. Toolsets include multiple tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, drills, hammers, and other essential tools. You don’t exactly have to break the bank with this option either as there are tools and toolsets available across a broad range of prices.


Power tools are an option too. If they have an old-school tool, you could get them its powered or advanced version. Electric screwdrivers, cordless drills, laser measuring devices, and so on. Remember, if they are just starting out a toolset would be the best option.


Why a workbench? you might ask. You don’t exactly want your partner to mess up your coffee table, do you? And it would also help them with their handyperson stuff. Depending on your budget you can get them a bare-bones workbench or a decked-out one complete with shelves, drawers, and other attachments. Most workbenches are height adjustable too, this is a highly recommended feature in case you are planning to buy one.



If they already have plenty of tools, then the next best thing would be to help them manage it. And the best way to do that is with the help of Organizers. You can pick from a variety of organizers like tool chests, tool boxes, tool belts, tool bags, tool hangers, screwdriver organizers, screw or nail containers, and so on.

Tool Organizer

Home Improvement Books

If your handyperson is into books too, then you cannot miss this amazing opportunity. You can get them a book on home improvement, a DIY guide, or any other book related to the crafts they indulge in.

Open book

Gift cards

Though generic, gift cards get the job done if you are still not sure of what to get. You might lose out on making the gift more personalized but you can make up for it with the gift card’s flexibility. This will allow your handyperson to buy what they want meaning they could just about buy anything the gift card will allow them to. Not exactly a bad idea, personal touch, or practicality, we’ll allow you to be the judge of that.

Gift card

Hopefully, this mini guide helped you find something to give your handyperson. Whatever you decide to give, don’t forget to add a personal touch to it to make it feel more special.