Trending Wall Art Designs to Brighten Your Home

Beyond the brush, these are some latest trends to enhance your bland-looking wall.

Trending Wall Art Designs to Brighten Your Home

Let's be real folks, staring at a blank wall only makes us yawn even more in our boredom. Fear not, my friend I am here to shed light on literally how to lighten up the walls in your living space. Forget about Singular Canvas, cause today's design landscapes often engage in a captivating fusion of both functionality and aesthetics as a blend. Beyond the brush, these are some latest trends to enhance your bland-looking wall.

Don't worry the list of ideas we are gonna bring in, won't be as tedious as mandala wall art designs. Well, we will explore the hottest trends that will bring life and a better personality to your space.

1. Wall Hangings on Nature Frames or Art frames:

The old days are gone, and people often place a picture of themselves on the expansive walls. Think of an oversized wall-hanging painting or anything that motivates you. An artistic painting or a mountain picture can make you feel light. Who needs a window when you have a stunning nature-based wall hanging? Let your pet fish/ dog or even cats stare at the natural whimsical tapestry when they are bored. 

Or do you write quotes or poems? If yes, then it is a good idea to frame it on your walls.

Pro Tip:

Invite your crush to your home and as soon as they notice your name at the end of the quote they might engage in asking you about it. You can engage in a deeper conversation, and you can also impress them on the other hand. 

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2. Vintage Book Covers Prints:

It may be science fiction, first editions, or even classic mysteries, you can select a specific interest for your vintage book cover that you'd like to display in your room. Create a collage of contrasting styles and colors, which range from different styles and different eras for a more elegant look.

Additionally, I would recommend framing the prints as if they are from flea markets or from antique shops, they add more nostalgia and charm at the same time.

3. Antique Map:

Combine the bits of a detailed world map, focusing more on travel destinations and historical periods. Use the antique maps to display the opportunity to engage in historical discussion on trade routes and the evolution of cartography. Add this caption next to your map display, this acknowledges the adventurous spirit.

Before we dive into the next point of wall decoration, be sure to address a way to escape damaged walls along with their causes.

4. Classical Bust Sculptures:

Instead of the traditional bricks and marbles, explore the robust made from contemporary materials like cast iron, resin, and other unique twists. Instead of random busts, implement choosing figures from a historical period or from certain mythology to convey an impactful story on your walls. As an additional tip, Juxtapose is considerable, as it contains both classical busts and modern abstract paintings, this creates a blend of conversation between eras.

Mandala wall art designs are fine, but this method of Wall decoration steals anyone's heart, that too if you are a booklover!

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5. Calligraphy On Your Wall:

Consider commissioning a calligraphy artist to create a custom-made wall mural that features excerpts from classic literary works or talk about some philosophical quotations as well. Shift your walls glory with the work of the custom art calligraphy mural. This may unleash your inner poet, who knows. Or at least you may get the motivation to write that grocery list in that style. 

This is proof that you didn't sleep throughout your college. Having an academic achievement gallery might make it touch your past timeline. As an additional score, you can elevate your matte boards by placing certificates. Some handwritten letters of recommendation would add a better fit for a layered effect.


Incorporating all these techniques can help you display your home in a better way. This is not just about navigating the decor option, but this is all about whimsically marking a better resonation with your creativity, history, art, and nature as well, depending on what you prefer to hang or decorate your wall with. So let your walls tell the tale of your art.