Top Air Fryer Brands In India 2022

Looking to purchase an Air Fryer in India? Read here for the list of the leading Air Fryer brands and make a wise choice!

Top Air Fryer Brands In India 2022

Many of us are keen on switching to the little handy replacement for deep-frying pans and ovens: Air Fryers, appliances that crisp up our veggies in minutes with little to zero oil. There are crazy air-fryer recipes trending lately that have kept us drooling. No matter how health-conscious you are, fried food is always appealing. Why give up on fried food when you can just give up the oil?

Are you planning to buy your first Air Fryer? You are at the right place.
Just like any other appliance, prior to investing in or purchasing an air fryer, research is mandatory, it eases our stress and helps us make the right decision. There are a few things you must consider like size and basket type before you choose the kind of air fryer that suits your kitchen and needs.

Air Fryer Buyer's Guide

Things you need to consider while buying Air Fryer:

  1. Capacity: The air fryers come in liters and your choice depends on the size of your family as well as the amount of food you intend to make at once.
  2. Design Type: There are different types of air fryers based on basket styles and heating mechanisms.
  3. Brand
  4. Pre-set Menu Features: Air Fryers come with different pre-set menu options. You might want to choose the ones that have the menu options that you would use more often.
  5. Maintenance
  6. Warranty

HomeTriangle has come up with a list of top Air Fryers in India this 2022, that can be a great addition to your Kitchen Appliances!

Did You Know?Air Fryers are actually all-rounders, apart from frying, they can also be used for boiling, grilling and even baking!

Best Brands For Air Fryer

We have listed the Air Fryer Brands with some of their popular products and a detailed information table for their best product/s. Following which is a summary of the best product/s of each brand, a simple Pros and Cons comparison along with our verdicts!

Havells Air Fryers

Currently Havells has three main Air Fryers:

AirOven Digi-

Compared to Air Fryers, Havells' AirOven has much more capacity, it cooks quickly and is sufficient for more members in the family.

Prolife Digi-

With a separator in the pan, it lets one cook multiple things at one time. Good for small families. It has an integrated timer and an auto off.

Prolife Grande-

With Aero Crisp Technology, keeps the food moist from the inside and crispy from the outside, just the kind of deep fried we Indians like! Comes with a digital-touch, LED display panel and 10 preset options. One of the best multi-functional Air Fryers.
A feature-rich air fryer with massive capacity. It has a beautiful and premium finish.

Havells Prolife Grande 6.5 Litres Electric Air Fryer

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Price ₹9k-14k
Brand Havells
Capacity 6.5 L
Power Consumption 1700 W


1) User Friendly
Comes with 10 presets and absolutely simple to use, once a preset is chosen the frier does the rest

2) Rapid Fire Technology
Cooking time is relatively much lower and food is prepared really quickly

3) Air Filter
The different cuisines, flavours and spices cooking in the air fryer, especially in an Indian house will leave behind it's delicious aroma, which with time will make the cooking compartment of your air fryer unpleasant. Not in this, Havells comes with an air filter to get rid of that unpleasant odour in your cooking compartment

4) Built-in Timer
There is never a worry for under or over cooking with your Havells Air Fryer built-in timer

5) Economical Power Consumption
For 6.5L it consumes 1700W which is extremely economical

Pros Cons
Huge Cooking Capacity Extremely Expensive
Enough for a Large Family
Rapid Fire Technology
Digital Touch
10 Presets
Inalsa Air Fryers

Inalsa has their Air Fryers sorted into few products depending on the capacity, needs and the best performing property of the product.


Biggest pro for Inalsa CrispyFry is that it is a cheap appliance as compared to other air fryers, therefore it is extremely budget friendly. Has even-cooking with little to no oil need, it is compact, small and light-weight.
It also has a digital version "Inalsa CrispyFry Digital" with a touch control panel and digital display.

INALSA CrispyFry 1.8L Air Fryer

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Price ₹3k-5.5k
Brand Inalsa
Capacity 2.3 L
Power Consumption 1200 W


1) Intelligent Knob
Comes with an intelligent knob which controls both timer and temperature. The temperature variation available is between 80 to 200 degrees

2) Rapid
Cooking time is lower and food is prepared really quickly

3) Warranty
There is a two year warranty with the fryer!

4) Built-in Timer
Comes with an adjustable time control and a 30 minute timer. Saves you from over or under cooking your food and makes your job easy.

5) Easy wash
Also dishwasher safe!

Pros Cons
Intelligent knob for timer and temperature Low Capacity For Large Families
Absolutely non-stick
100% Dishwasher Safe
2 Year Warranty


As the name suggests, extremely good for all kinds of vegetables, meats and fish, everything with great nutrition.
It also has a digital version "Inalsa NutriFry Digital" with a touch control panel and digital display.

INALSA Digital Nutri Fry 4L Air Fryer 

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Price ₹5.5k-9k
Brand Inalsa
Capacity 4 L
Power Consumption 1400 W


1) Air System Technology
Comes with 8 Presets and absolutely simple to use, once a preset is chosen the frier does the rest. Has a 40 to 200 degrees. High capacity for a larger family

2) Easy Cleaning
The Air Fryer comes with parts removable which makes cleaning process very easy and quick

3) Built-in Timer
Timer between 1 to 60 minutes helps contain your recipe from blunders

Pros Cons
Model is extremely durable Does not have a great service support
Enough for a Small Family Expensive
Digital Touch
8 Presets
Philips Air Fryers

Philips has different collections specific to their Air Fryers, here are some:

Viva Collection-

Comes with a free recipe book of 200 recipes. It is absolutely dishwasher safe and has a Twin TurboStar technology that removes fat from food, which makes the food even more healthier.

Essential Collection-

Has Rapid Air Technology, a touch screen with 7 presets. It is dishwasher safe, has auto-shut and a timer as well. Essential Collection comes with a two year guarantee.

Daily Collection-

Available in Cashmere Grey, White, Beige and Black colours, these Daily Collection models by Philips are a smart buy. Philips has three models under the Daily Collection i.e: HD9216/81; HD9216/43 and HD9200/90.

Daily Collection Airfryer HD9200/90

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Price ₹8.5k-14k
Brand Philips
Capacity 4.5 L
Power Consumption 1425 W


1) Looks
Extremely modern and attractive appearance. It is also compact and weight is light. Making it a good appliance for your Modular Kitchens.It is also very durable product

2) Easy Cleaning
The Air Fryer comes with parts removable which makes cleaning process very easy and quick

3) Built-in Timer
Timer between 1 to 60 minutes helps contain your recipe from blunders.Even has manually adjustable timer

4) Healthy
The food items cooked in this retain more nutrients compared to the others

Pros Cons
Good Quality body Capacity not enough for large families
Enough for a Medium Family Expensive
Rapid Air Technology
Prestige Air Fryers

Prestige has two Air Fryers, PAF 6.0 and PAF 4.0.

PAF 4.0-

A 2.2L Air Fryer with a safety lock, time and temperature control and a specially designed basket.

PAF 6.0-

With absolutely chic look and great design, PAF 6.0 is a great purchase. It has absolutely even air distribution, great reviews and a year warranty!

Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0

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Price ₹3k-7k
Brand Prestige
Capacity 2 L
Power Consumption 1200 W


1) Even-Cooking-
Comes with 5 coils, unlike its competitors who come with 3 coils which ensures absolute even cooking.

2) Lock-
Has a lock to ensure that the oil collector remains intact when the tray is pulled out.

3) Heat-
Has an overheat indicator and temperature ranging from 80 to 200 degrees and a timer of 30 minutes. Also has a smoke vent.

4) Maintenance-
Has very easy cleaning and maintenance.

Pros Cons
Oil collector lock Separate Frying Pan is not there
Premium Quality Slow
Smoke Vent
Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Summary, Comparison and Our Verdict On Which Air Fryer to Purchase

Brand Model Name Price Our Verdict
Havells Prolife Grande 9k-14k Super Multifunctional; Massive Qnty
Inalsa CrispyFry 3k-5.5k Quick- perfect for snacks
Inalsa NutiFry 5.5k-9k Smart choice for a family of 4
Philips Daily Collection 3k-5.5k Healthy and super easy to clean
Prestige PFA 6.0 3k- 7k Budget Friendly- perfect for a small family

If you are wondering whether Air Fryer is worth purchasing in India, we vote for a strong yes! It is a healthier, neater, simpler and less time consuming alternative to our daily boring kitchen chores.

If you have any inputs or questions feel free to hit us up in the comments section below!