Tips to Help Find the Perfect Fitness Trainer for You

Whether you are a ripped bodybuilder or a rookie testing out the weights, a fitness trainer can make all the difference in your fitness journey.

Tips to Help Find the Perfect Fitness Trainer for You

Fitness instructors do more than just guide you through your reps or spot you. They have a lasting impact on your fitness journey. This is why the process of choosing a fitness trainer should not be taken lightly. They have the power to mold you, and handing that power to the wrong hands can have unforeseen and often grave consequences for you.

You might have heard of Gym goers in their late 20s and 30s dying due to heart conditions. A good fitness trainer could have prevented their deaths, deaths that were a result of inappropriate training and supplement intake.

Not everyone’s body can handle the same level and intensity of exercise, nor does it need the same amount of supplements. What works for others might not work for you, this is where your fitness trainer comes into the picture. So, now do you understand their significance? If you did, then here are some tips to help you choose the perfect trainer for you-

Where to find them?

The easiest way to find them is through the Internet. There are so many sites with listings of fitness trainers, and some trainers have their own websites too. A simple search with the term “fitness trainer” will give you plenty of relevant results. Based on how ads work these days, fitness trainers will find you before you find them.

You can also find fitness trainers in gyms, sometimes they are affiliated with some gyms while in some cases they themselves own a gym. At this point if you are wondering about Gym trainers, then here’s some clarification. Every Gym is bound to have trainers, they spot you and help you around the gym, and they ultimately work for the gym. Fitness trainers on the other hand are specialized, and therefore more expensive. Gyms that have such individuals around tend to charge more, and very rightfully so.


The first thing to do is to verify the expertise of the trainer. You can do so by checking the trainer’s certifications. See if they have relevant skills and knowledge related to training, diet, human anatomy, first aid, and so on. Apart from their skills on paper, check if their area of expertise aligns with your fitness goals. Because every trainer has something which they excel at.

Passion and Professionalism

If your trainer is passionate about fitness and training others to be fit, that is a huge plus for you. This means they will be putting in more effort to keep you fit, not just because you are paying them for it, but also because this is their driving force and motivation. You should be able to spot a passionate trainer with ease, because when people are passionate about something you will see that spark in them, and in the way they talk about it.

Coming to the way people talk, you will be able to grasp one other crucial bit of information by observing the way people talk- their professionalism. Being professional is not just about being showy, there is a discipline that comes with it, which is the basis of fitness. A professional fitness expert will take your input and goals to design a fitness program for you.

Red Flags

If the lines above told you what to find in a fitness trainer, then the lines below are the exact opposite. If you find trainers with these red flags, then leave that place immediately and never look back again.

  • Medical History: If the trainer does not ask you about any past injuries or health conditions before starting out then you know what to do.
  • Supplements: The trainer trying to peddle you supplements or forcing a very specific brand of supplements on you is a big No No.
  • Contract: Without even completing a single session together, the trainer tries to get you to enter a long-term contract.
  • Consistency: Providing inaccurate, vague, or inconsistent information or instructions.
  • Personalization: Handing you generic instructions and a premade workout plan.
  • Guarantees: Makes you unrealistic promises, and guarantees immediate results.
  • Boundaries: Intruding on your personal space, behaving inappropriately, or making you uncomfortable.
  • Diet: Does not enquire about your diet nor provide any dietary advice.

The most this article can do is aid you in your fitness journey by helping you find the perfect fitness trainer. But finding the right fitness trainer won’t magically improve your fitness, you will have to do the bare minimum too. Without putting in effort you can say goodbye to your fitness journey.