This Spring-Cleaning Checklist is Everything You Need for a Fresh Season Start

Spring cleaning transcends tradition, offering a fresh start, decluttering, and a mental health boost by reducing stress. Here's a seasonal checklist.

This Spring-Cleaning Checklist is Everything You Need for a Fresh Season Start

For decades, spring cleaning represented a chance to emerge from our colder season state and get ready for the temperatures to rise. Japanese, Scottish, and Indian cultures included annual cleaning during winter as an important event, whether as a symbol for a new cycle or to welcome gods.

Now, the spiritual part of spring cleaning has changed. Rather than doing it as a tradition, we clean out spaces before or during the spring to experience a fresh start, get rid of clutter, and change our environments. Spring cleaning is also the best chance for a mental health restart, in which we tackle stress by minimizing mess and rediscovering our interests.

Regardless, spring cleaning is significantly essential in keeping ourselves happy and the house clean, so here’s a brief checklist of what you should handle this season.

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 Get Organized

If you don’t want to fail the spring cleaning program this year, it’s best to establish a set of guidelines and rules on how you will tackle the problem. For instance, some people prefer cleaning the room, while others separate the cleaning schedule based on certain days. Consider your job’s program, the kids’ timetable and other appointments to make sure you can fit in the tasks.

At the same time, decide on the level of neatness you want to achieve. Do you want to clean each piece of furniture, clothing and appliance individually, or will you only expand your usual cleaning program? Take a look around the house and determine what works best for you. 

However, if you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks since you have a tight schedule and a busy lifestyle, you can always contact a cleaning company AE, that can provide services of deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, and even sanitizing with simple online or phone booking.

Ignore Distractions

Among the reasons cleaning doesn’t go as fast or neat as we want is that we get distracted. That’s why deciding on a routine for every room or day will help you get things done before the summer arrives. For example, if you clean by room, start by opening the windows first, removing clutter, and sweeping the floors at last.

Indeed, in the midst of these activities, you might be distracted by old things you haven’t used in a while or will be interrupted, so the flow is disturbed. However, if you’ve got a clear image of what you need to do, you can always take the task back from where you left off.

Highlight the Kitchen

While bedrooms and living rooms are not that dirty, realistically speaking, the kitchen and bathroom always carry more germs and bacteria due to high humidity. So, when cleaning these rooms, it’s best to pay more attention to specific areas and make it a habit to clean them properly to slow down the spread of germs.

For example, these are the dirtiest places in the kitchen:

  • The sink’s moisture allows E. coli to develop rapidly, so clean it with disinfectant;
  • Cutting boards are full of raw meat bacteria that are prone to salmonella, so it’s best to separate your cutting boards for different produce;
  • The refrigerator contains bacteria due to moisture and condensation, so it should be cleaned with disinfectant every two weeks;
  • The countertops can also be contaminated with E. coli and bacteria, so using a disposable paper towel and a disinfectant is best;

Insist on the Bathroom as well

The bathroom isn’t as dirty as the kitchen since there’s no food around, but the levels of bacteria can also grow due to humidity and moisture. The kitchen sink is considerably unhygienic, especially in the areas around the drain, because that’s where all the dirty water lies. When water stagnates around the drain tap, the risk of bacteria and mold increases, which can be the cause of unpleasant odors― that’s why the bathroom must be ventilated at all times.

Of course, the toilet is unmatched in terms of dirtiness, so choosing a strong cleaning product that can break down stains, mineral deposits, and bacteria is crucial. Even the outside of the toil must be cleaned thoroughly from time to time.

But don’t overlook faucet handles, shower curtains, and the shower head because they’re usually forgotten about, even if they are also prone to getting dirty.

Focus on Clothing

A part of the spring-cleaning activity is getting through all your clothes and decluttering your wardrobe. This means taking out all your garments and sorting them in boxes for donating, throwing, and keeping, so you can stay on top of organizing as well. During this step, you might also spot some dirty clothes that have landed mistakenly in there, so you can wash them.

Clothing organization might be one of the most challenging spring-cleaning tasks because you might realize how many clothes have not been worn in the past years but have been kept for several reasons. Hence, you will be able to wear everything you own again and even minimize your wardrobe to a capsule.

Clean Floors Properly

Floor cleaning tends to be underrated because we mop them frequently, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely clean. You should adapt your cleaning products and methods according to the material of the flooring.

For instance, tile floors will be shining with a mild detergent solution and a chamois-based mop, while hardwood floors need special cleaning products to be protected. Laminate flooring needs little water for mopping since excess can lead to swelling. At the same time, vinyl floors need a nonabrasive cleaner and a damp mop to be protected and neat. Of course, vacuum or broom all surfaces before mopping to get all the dirt out of the way.

Are you ready for the spring cleaning season?

Spring cleaning is the best chance to start spring just right, with a neat home and a clear mind, because you’ve been able to sort through all your belongings and clean them. Getting organized and gathering all your supplies will help you finish cleaning in no time, but you should also follow a similar cleaning pattern in all rooms to make things easy.