The Impact of Heatwaves on AC Systems: Measures To Control It

Something hot is about to make a comeback: Heat waves, no not the song, but the actual thing. Heatwaves are dangerous calamities that can wreak havoc on us and our AC systems. Read the blog to know more about the issues that arise and their potential solutions.

The Impact of Heatwaves on AC Systems: Measures To Control It

Heatwaves are one of the most formidable man-made/natural calamities ever to exist. They possess the unfathomable energy to alter human behaviour, trigger diseases and cause serious overall health damage. In India, we have been witnessing extreme heat waves since 1901. They usually occur during the months of March to June, sometimes even extending till July.

The AC systems most of us have gotten fixed at our home can potentially malfunction, essentially due to overwhelming heat. So heat waves not only cause significant disruption in human health, they are potentially hazardous to our appliances which we are wholly dependent on. Summers by nature can be exhausting, and summers with abnormal heat waves can be destructive. The temperature during these times could easily go up from 42 degrees Celsius to 49 degrees Celsius.

AC systems are made to distribute uninterrupted indoor cool air, but imagine if the temperature is so unbearable and hot that even ACs fail to function properly. Heat waves possess the ability to push air conditioners to their limit.  The invention of cooling systems has positively impacted both commercial and personal fields. It is indeed hard to deal with the labyrinths of daily life without them.

So What Can You Do (as a Homeowner) to Protect Your AC Systems?

Stop Frequently Switching your AC On and Off:

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This is a prominent piece of advice: hey, stop being indecisive. But well, if only it is. We, humans, are hardwired to think and act based on acutely changing circumstances, but in regards to ACs, we must ensure they are either on for a while or completely shut off. Constantly, turning it on and off will make the job hard for your AC, i.e, it takes real time to get the desired temperature up and going.

Clean Those Air Filters:

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Yes, time and time again, we are back to this simple yet profoundly useful tip. Cleaning your air filters occasionally will help your AC. With the prolonged heat they are constantly subjected to, uncleaned air filters will have to work double hard to get the air through and cool it. On the contrary, cleaned and well-maintained air-filtered AC will smoothly flow out.

Make the Best Use of Ceiling Fans:

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When you turn your AC on especially during extreme heat, ensure your ceiling fan is on. They help circulate the air in your home, ceiling fans can be game changers, and they will reduce the workload on your AC system. The next time, you are on the AC, slightly make the ceiling fans dance too.

Keep the Area Around Your AC Unit Clear:

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To ensure that your AC system is receiving proper airflow, it's essential to keep the area around the unit clear of debris and other dust. This can help prevent the system from overheating and reduce the risk of a breakdown.

The summer is here, and the heat waves come forth with it. During this very real yet climactic phase of climate change, one should practise a mindful way of dealing with our appliances. ACs with their amazing technology can give you a heat-free summer indoors, but they must also be prepared to deal with extreme moments of heat. So that you as a homeowner can derive its benefits, and enjoy the cool temperature, all the while taking care of your AC.