The Best Stain Removal Techniques For Every Type Of Stain

Know the best methods to remove various kinds of everyday stains from your clothing.

The Best Stain Removal Techniques For Every Type Of Stain

Stains are such a huge pain, especially when you spill something on your favorite shirt. Read on to know how to tackle the various kind of stains and save your clothes.

Coffee Stains

coffee stain on a cloth

If you are someone who drinks tea or coffee every day then a spill is bound to happen someday. And if you know how to handle it, your clothes will live to see another wash. The sooner you act the better, so as soon as you spill coffee or tea on your clothes blot it out before it dries up. Rinse it with cold water and lo- you just saved your clothing. A mixture of white vinegar, warm water, and some dish wash will get rid of the stain easily too.

Ink Stains

Although ink pens are rarely used these days, there are gel pens that can stain your clothes if you put them in uncapped, and if you do use ink pens then you need no introduction to the mayhem they can cause if you are not careful with them. You could accidentally scratch your clothes with a ballpoint pen too. Depending on the ink, the stain removal method varies. For a ballpoint pen, you need to blot out the stain after applying rubbing alcohol over it. For other inks, a cold water rinse and a warm water wash with detergent should do the trick.

Oil or Grease Stains

These might seem tricky to get rid of but in actuality, they are not too hard to deal with. All you need to do is dry the stain using baking soda or cornstarch, brush it off, and then rinse it with water, that should do the trick. A regular wash will remove the stain too as detergents are good at removing oil or grease stains.

Paint Stains

paint stain on a shirt sleeve

We are in the danger zone now, paint is something that you should not let near your clothes. But if you, unfortunately, got some paint on your clothes, you will have to act fast. For oil-based paint stains apply some paint thinner or turpentine oil over it and rinse it out. For water paints just wash the clothing before the paint dries up.


blood stain on a cloth

As we said earlier, we are in the danger zone, because blood stains are considered the hardest to remove. If you somehow got blood over your clothes, we won’t ask how you got them in the first place, but here are some methods to get rid of them. As stated previously the quicker you get to them the better, so act before the blood dries up. Get a mixture of white vinegar and warm water and soak the stain in it for about ten minutes. Then blotting it will remove the stain. Alternatively, soaking the stain overnight in soda and washing it will help remove the stain too.

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