Split System Air Conditioner: The HomeTriangle Guide

Split System Air Conditioners are one of the most popular and widely used Air conditioner types. Know all about it here.

Split System Air Conditioner: The HomeTriangle Guide

The moment someone mentions an Air Conditioner(AC), the AC that you would think of is most likely a Split System AC. It is just that popular, and it is also the most commonly used AC type, especially in homes. Read on to know all about the Split System ACs, their features, specialty, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is a Split System Air Conditioner

A Split System AC unit, as the name implies is an AC system split into two units. It consists of an Indoor and an outdoor unit that works in tandem to cool a particular space.

The indoor unit is fixed in the space to be cooled, it is usually mounted high up on a wall.

Indoor AC unit
Indoor AC unit

The outdoor unit is placed outside the home typically attached to the wall with the help of brackets, or placed directly on a concrete slab.

Outdoor AC unit
Outdoor AC unit

The indoor and outdoor units are connected to each other by refrigerant pipes and electric wires, this is how they work together to cool your space.

How does it work?

The AC system works on the principle of the refrigeration cycle. To put it simply, the AC system cools its designated space by absorbing heat from the indoor unit and expelling it through the outdoor unit.

The AC system has four major components, Condenser, Evaporator, Compressor, and Expansion valve. The refrigerant gas is pumped through this system. This gas turns to liquid and back to gas again while passing through the system. And when it does, it displaces the heat causing the cooling effect.

AC refrigeration cycle
Source: Super Radiator Coils

Pros of Split System Air Conditioner

  • Energy Efficient: They are extremely energy efficient due to not relying on excessive ducts.
  • Easy Installation: Split System AC units are very easy to install compared to the other AC types.
  • Quiet Operation: These ACs are typically very quiet as the unit which generates noise is located outside the home i.e the outdoor unit.
  • Aesthetic: The indoor AC units these days are all sleek and modern, with the functionality they also add to your aesthetics.

Cons of Split System Air Conditioner

  • Costlier Upfront: The initial cost is higher for Split System AC when compared to other AC types.
  • Limited Range: Split System ACs have a limited cooling range as they are designed to cool individual spaces rather than large spaces.
  • Outdoor Space: As you know by now that the Split AC type needs two units to function, there’s an additional requirement i.e space outside your home to install the outdoor unit.
  • Professional Installation: You need to get a qualified technician to install the AC units as they require careful handling and an experienced hand to deal with them. This will also up the overall cost.

Split System ACs are great for small to medium-sized rooms or spaces preferring energy efficiency, and customizability. Due to their silent operation, they make a great choice for office spaces too. But for large spaces, you will need to install multiple units or switch to a different AC type.