Prepping your AC for This Summer: A Guide to Spring Maintenance

This summer keep your AC nearby, things will only heat up from now. If your AC has issues, repair it before the blistering heat gets to you. Read this blog to know the issues to solve in your AC if encountered so that summers can be jolly with uninterrupted cool air blowing out.

Prepping your AC for This Summer: A Guide to Spring Maintenance

Summer is here, and so is the season of AC. Ac's can be so helpful and a lifesaver during this heat. Coming home after an exhausting and sweating day only to sit in front of the AC and savour the precious cold air is something we all crave from time to time.

The sun with all its might is going to give you its best summer heat, no doubt about that. Extreme summers can be particularly frustrating. It is only fair to desire cool air that makes you momentarily forget about this blistering temperature rise. This is just a monumental beginning of a summer where the temperature will only increase in the months of March and April. Your AC must be prepared for this dramatic shift.

In this blog, we are here to render you some insights towards keeping your AC in its top-notch condition during this spring.

As much as we want to believe it, AC is not really a modern magic box that can just sprout cool air whenever we feel like getting it. They are made functional and perform at their optimal best by putting together complex parts and arranging subtle mechanics. Especially during summer, it is important to ensure they are in good shape and can perform their best. You can prepare your HAVC system in warmer weather by changing and cleaning supply vents, and air filters, constantly testing thermostats and periodically scheduling a system maintenance check.

Change the air filters:

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To get the best of your HAVC system this summer, change your air filters every one to three months. Early spring, i.e this time around is the best way to do that. Winters could have made the air filter fill with more debris and dust, thus making them inadequate to perform appropriately. And summer has indeed arrived, changing them will only increase your AC's performance. In addition to more cool air, you can save energy by turning your pockets.

Keep testing the thermostat:

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Before coming to the point, it is significant to let you know that, in case you are not familiar with thermostats come in two types.

1. Manual

2. Programmable

Manual thermostats, as the name itself, suggest requiring more checking and testing compared to its counterpart, modern and sophisticated programmable thermostats. Because, unlike the manual ones, they help you achieve significant energy savings. As soon as you make the switch, from the old one to the new one, the better it is, for your pocket and your AC.

If possible, check the outdoor portion of the AC system:

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The primary function of an outdoor HAVC system is to release the indoor heat outside your home. Just like the rest of your home's exterior, the dust and debris will have filled the outdoor HAVC as well. It is vital to clear it, if not, the dust will keep on settling in turn causing your AC to overheat. This will make the AC vulnerable to damage and increase your overall electricity expenditure.

Test the system:

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Now it is time to check the functionality of your AC system. When everything is followed and executed, it is your AC's turn to prove its performance. Switch on your AC to test whether the air is coming out cool, if not, then minor adjustments must be made. Make sure to check the air flows every once in a few hours to get a grasp on its functioning.

Schedule AC maintenance service:

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If the problem of cooling still persists then we suggest you book an AC repair service soon to get it ready by the peak summer. Even if you do not encounter any problems with your AC at any time soon, we still advise you to book a periodic check-up, professionals with highly skilled expertise from Hometriangle will make sure to get your AC up and going to compete with this scorching heat.