Prepare your Home For the Rains: A Pre-Monsoon Checklist

Recently, the clouds have been showing a teaser of the monsoon to come. The question now is- Is your home ready for the monsoon showers? Read on and find out.

Prepare your Home For the Rains: A Pre-Monsoon Checklist

The Monsoon season brings about a great change with its arrival, it washes away the remnants of summer heat and quenches the thirst of the the parched ground. This change is made more tangible through the wetness it leaves in its wake. Suddenly we are avoiding puddles on the streets. Chai-Samosa spread a comforting warmth rivaling the likes of a deep embrace. Colorful umbrellas open up to greet the raindrops like sunflowers to the sun. Ugly raincoats and plain boots become fashionable again. 

People change to adapt to the rainy season, but what about their homes?

While monsoon brings changes, it also brings challenges, especially for your home. If these are left unresolved they are sure to dampen more than just your mood. But you don’t have to worry about all that if you prepare in advance.

Here’s a handy checklist to get you started-

Inspect Roof

man checking his roof

This is where rain makes the first contact with your home, and hopefully the last if it is well maintained. Check for cracks and any other structural issues and get them repaired if you detect any. Get waterproofing done if required, a little caution won’t hurt.

Now comes the crucial and often ignored part, whatever kind of roof you may have, it is certain to have a drainage system to stop the water from ponding on your roof. Make sure this drainage system is not clogged and is fully functional. If the water doesn’t drain, it will cause problems for your roof by overstaying its welcome there. Homes with flat roofs are more susceptible to this problem than those with sloping roofs.

Clean Drains and Gutter

man cleaning drain

Clear away anything that might have fallen into your drains and gutters like leaves, twigs, and other trash. You don’t want anything in them to cause a blockage. It will be a pain to deal with when the rains start, so it is better to get them clean beforehand.

Check Ceilings and Walls

man inspecting his ceiling

Inspect every wall and ceiling of your home thoroughly for any signs of cracks. Not knowing how deep they run is risky business, get them inspected and fixed. Cracks can let in moisture, and cause major structural damage if left unchecked.

Maintain Doors and Windows

woman applying lubricant to her door hinges

Check if all your doors and windows close properly without leaving any gaps. Broken window seals can let rain and moisture in and dampen your home. The next step is to lubricate all the door and window hinges, this not only helps smoothen their movement but also protects them from rust. Don’t forget to change your doormats to something suitable to welcome the Monsoon season.

Mosquito Prevention

stagnating water outside home

Thoroughly inspect the outsides of your home for any potential spots that could pool water after the rains. It could be buckets, old tires, sewers, plant pots, or plain ground. Don’t let water stagnate anywhere near your home unless you plan to breed mosquitoes and raise them.

If you still feel mosquitoes are unavoidable, consider getting mosquito meshes installed to keep the blood-suckers from infiltrating your 

Electric Wiring

man fixing faulty wires

Inspects all sockets and wiring of your home. Damaged wires can get twice as dangerous during the monsoon. If any electrical component is exposed to the sun, make sure they are maintained properly and are ready for the rains. Additionally, prepare for power outages, by having your torches charged and candles ready. 


man painting a wall

If your walls look like they need a fresh coat of paint, they probably do. But any painting work has to be finished before the monsoon begins. Even if the interior walls have to be painted, it is not recommended to do so during the monsoon season. The moisture content in the air can affect the effectiveness of the paint. Coming to the exterior walls, it should be obvious why it is a bad idea to paint them during the monsoon.

Tree Hazard

tree hazard next to a home

Heavy rains and wind could cause parts of, if not whole trees to fall. It could cause significant damage and injury by falling on property, powerlines, or even people. That is why it is advisable to inspect trees and trim down branches that could potentially spell trouble. 


man cleaning his furniture

With your home getting damp and the moisture in the air spiking, monsoon is far from any furniture’s favorite season. Without proper care, they can start attracting mold, and the wood can warp. All this is due to moisture, this can easily be fixed with proper ventilation. Additionally, keeping your furniture away from doors, windows, and damp walls is a good start to keeping your furniture happy. Don’t forget to toss a couple of camphor balls in your cabinets, and any other closed furniture.

Signing Off

While all of these are important considerations, there is one another vastly important element that has to be prepared- You. You and your family are what makes your home a home. Monsoon makes everyone more susceptible to sickness, so take care of your and your family’s health, in addition to that of your home.