Monsoon Skin Care: Tips, Tricks, and Guide

Different weather creates different problems on our skin. While currently, we are dealing with the monsoon, it is important that we use more natural ingredients on a daily basis to fight off the dullness and breakage. Read the rest of the blog to know more!

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The monsoon season is here and it is here to stay! Monsoon brings out a lot of pros to look at; great weather, plants, and trees seem more greener and lovely. But while the rainy season is known for its beautiful weather, it also comes with its fair share of skin problems as well. The climate during this time of the year brings with it a considerable amount of humidity. And a lot of humidity means the loss of your skin’s glow which you have maintained for so long. While every season takes some or the other cons of skin problems with it, the rainy season is no exception. And just like other seasons, there is always a solution to these problems.

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The breaking of skin, loss of glow, and increase in oiliness are just some of many other cons of dealing with the rainy season.Your skin is the most important aspect of your body. While some people are hell-bent on profusely following their skincare routine, it is also necessary to just enjoy the process and slow down.  Hometriangle presents you with the skin care tips can you follow on a gloomy monsoon day. Come on then without any delay let us dive into knowing more about skin care in monsoon:

Underrated players of skin care tips:

  1. Moisturizes
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Natural ingredients
  4. Vitamins

It is understandable that cosmetic products might not be everybody’s cup of tea. There are still other, more fun ways to get all the nutrients that your skin needs. If your skincare routine involves using a large amount of skin-lightening creams, then it is about time you rethink their potential pros. Monsoon calls for fungal and bacterial infections in addition to generic skin-care problems. But you don’t have to juggle all of these issues by yourself, we are here to make it easy for you to determine proper and effective skincare during the pouring season of monsoon.

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Improve Your Skincare Routine During Monsoon by:

Moisturizing the most:

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Our glow of the skin depends on how much moisture it has. You heard it right, moisture is absolutely vital for enhancing the overall health of the skin. Applying the right moisturizer on a daily basis will positively impact your skin. If you don’t keep your skin hydrated the probability of acne, breakage, and dullness staying for a long while will be increased.

Sunscreen in your pocket (always):

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Sunscreens or sunblocks made out of zinc and titanium dioxide are preferred by most people. Since the main function of sunscreen is to block the harmful rays of the sun, so using it every day irrespective of the season or climate is always advised. Always keep one in your pocket so that you remember to apply it 20 minutes before going out.

Using natural ingredients:

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We keep reading about the power of going natural and people seem to can’t get enough of it. This is all with very good reason. Natural homely ingredients like curd, coffee, lemon, papaya, cucumber, and turmeric are amazing for cleaning out all the toxins and restoring the glow of the skin. You can use the above-mentioned materials in different combinations. The season of monsoon which threatens the health of your skin can be handled by a few natural ingredients that we rarely seem to notice.

Adding Vitamins to your skin care routine:

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Vitamins are a crucial part of our diet. Be it food, fitness, or skin care, they help in maximizing the overall health of the body. So going a long time without them will expose your health to unwanted fatigue and loss of its ability to work properly. In the rainy season, you need to adopt an increased number of vitamins into your diet. Vitamin C is extremely helpful in keeping your skin healthy and other unwanted issues at bay. Even if you don’t really have a proper skin care routine, you can apply vitamin C serum before going to bed during the monsoon season.

Healthy Skin is Always In

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Dullness, oiliness, acne, and breakage are some of the skin-related problems you might come across during monsoons. Most of these issues can be overcome with taking a little extra care than you usually do and of course eating nutritious food.

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