Tradesmen rates for 2024: A full guide

Discover 2024 tradesmen rates in our guide. Understand pricing to make informed decisions, whether you're a pro or a homeowner budgeting for a project.

Tradesmen rates for 2024: A full guide

In 2024, it's important to know how much tradesmen charge for their work. This guide will show the usual rates, helping everyone from professionals to homeowners make smart choices and plan their budgets.

Key Takeaways

  • Certain jobs, particularly those that are technical or involve significant risk, necessitate hiring tradesmen with specific qualifications and certifications. This not only ensures the work's quality but also its adherence to safety standards and building regulations.
  • Opting for tradesmen who offer work guarantees and have the appropriate insurance isn't just about securing your investment. It's also about peace of mind, knowing you're covered should unexpected issues arise.
  • Beyond just costs, delving into a tradesman's past projects, client reviews, and communication style can significantly inform your hiring decision, leading to smoother project execution and desired results.

In today's ever-evolving economy, understanding the cost of skilled trades is crucial when planning home improvement or construction projects. 

This guide offers a comprehensive overview of the current hourly rates and yearly wages for various tradespeople in the UK for 2023.

Tradesmen Hourly Rates Breakdown:


  • Hourly rates typically fall between ₹1000-₹5000.
  • Routine tasks like toilet installations might cost around ₹500/hr.
  • Established firms, especially those dealing with gas safety, can charge up to £700/hr, while self-employed professionals might offer rates as low as £350/hr.


  • Charges range from ₹350-₹600/hr.
  • Standard tasks like lighting installations might come in at ₹450/hr, while intricate work such as circuit breaker replacements could command ₹600/hr.
  • Simpler tasks like light replacements might be ₹300/hr.


  • Their rates hover between ₹200-₹400/hr.
  • Furniture repairs might be charged at ₹350/hr, while simpler tasks like cabinet fixings might be ₹200/hr. 
  • More complex repairs, especially those involving structures like stairs, could go up to ₹400/hr.

Painters and Decorators

  • Expect rates between ₹150-₹400/hr.
  • For re-decorating a couple of rooms, the average might be ₹250/hr. Paint touch-ups could be as low as ₹150/hr, while large rooms demanding intricate detailing might touch ₹400/hr.


  • Charges generally span ₹100-₹200/hr.
  • Redoing a whole room could cost ₹150/hr, while smaller tasks like plastering a single wall might be ₹100/hr. 
  • However, a larger room requiring extensive plastering could command a ₹200/hr rate.


  • Their fees range from ₹200-₹400/hr.
  • Small projects like building a wall might cost around ₹130/hr. Sole traders might offer ₹120/hr, while larger firms could demand up to ₹200/hr for the same job.


  • Generally, they charge between ₹70-₹150/hr.
  • The average rate is usually around ₹80/hr, which involves site prep. Depending on the skill level and the firm's reputation, rates could stretch from ₹70 to ₹150/hr.

Patio Installers

  • Usually, patio installation prices range between ₹250-₹750 per square meter depending on the quality of the paving stone (budget flagstone). According to
  • The average rate is usually around ₹150-250/hr. Depending on the skill level and the firm's reputation, rates could stretch from ₹150 to ₹300/hr or higher.

Kitchen Fitters

  • Rates fall between ₹100-₹200/hr.
  • For a standard kitchen, expect around ₹130/hr. 
  • Minor tasks like cabinet repairs might be ₹100/hr, while full suite replacements could reach ₹200/hr.

Other trades

  • Scaffolders tend to charge between ₹150-₹250/hr. Professionals often demand around ₹190/hr, with more complicated tasks costing ₹250/hr.
  • Tilers operate on a ₹100-₹150/hr range. Larger tiles, easier to install, might cost you ₹100/hr, while intricate small tile installations could touch ₹150/hr.
  • Builders quote between ₹100-₹150/hr. Repointing might be at the lower end while laying foundations could be at the higher end.
  • Window Cleaners, based on location, might charge ₹80-₹150/hr. Those in urban settings, especially cities like London, might lean towards the higher end.
  • Gardeners swing between ₹150-₹500/hr, largely dependent on the garden's size and the tasks involved.
  • Landscapers usually ask for ₹170-₹300/hr, with charges varying based on the garden size and the intricacy of the job.
  • Roofers generally demand between ₹150-₹250/hr. Flat roofs, easier to handle, might be charged at ₹150/hr, while complex structures could touch ₹250/hr.
  • Window Fitters usually ask for ₹100-₹200/hr, with the type of window greatly influencing the price.

Hiring Tips

When seeking the services of a tradesman, it's essential to go beyond just the rates. 

Here are some pivotal hiring considerations:

  1. Qualifications & Experience: Always ensure the tradesperson has the necessary certifications or qualifications, especially for regulated jobs like electrical and plumbing. Moreover, years of experience can be indicative of their expertise.
  2. Portfolio & Reviews: Ask for past work samples or images. Checking online reviews or seeking testimonials from previous clients can provide insights into the tradesman's reliability and quality of work.
  3. Written Estimates: Before work commences, always request a detailed written estimate. This should break down labor, materials, and other potential costs. It helps prevent unexpected charges later on.
  4. Guarantees & Insurance: Ensure the tradesman offers a guarantee or warranty for their work. Additionally, verify that they have public liability insurance to safeguard against any potential mishaps on your property.
  5. Open Communication: Establish a clear communication channel. Whether it's discussing project nuances, changes, or potential issues, effective communication can prevent misunderstandings and ensure smoother project execution.


Why do hourly rates for tradesmen vary so much within the same profession?

Hourly rates can differ based on factors like location (specialized London tradesmen rates will be higher due to higher living costs and increased demand), the complexity of the task, the tradesman's experience, and whether they are associated with a reputed firm or self-employed. 

Additionally, trades that involve high risks or specialized equipment might command higher rates.

Do tradesmen provide any guarantees or warranties on their work?

Most professionals do offer a guarantee for their work. 

The length and coverage of this guarantee can vary based on the task. 

For instance, a builder’s work might come with a guarantee lasting up to 10 or 20 years, while a kitchen fitter could offer just a 5-year guarantee. 

Always ensure this guarantee is stated in a written contract.

Why might a tradesman's quote be significantly higher or lower than the average rates listed?

Individual quotes can deviate from average rates due to the specific nuances of a project. 

For instance, unforeseen complexities, the need for custom solutions, or premium materials can raise costs. 

Conversely, simpler tasks, bulk work, or hiring less-experienced tradesmen might bring about lower quotes. 

Always seek multiple quotations and ask tradesmen to detail the costs to understand disparities.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a tradesman is more than just a monetary transaction; it's about entrusting someone with a portion of your home or workspace. 

While understanding average rates provides foundational knowledge, diving deeper into their qualifications, past work, and the specifics of your project ensures a successful collaboration. 

In the vast world of tradespeople, equipped with the right knowledge and a discerning eye, you'll be better positioned to find the right professional for your project's needs.