Invisible Grills: Where Safety meets Style (Must have for Balconies)

Learn all about what Invisible grills are and why they are essential for transforming your balcony into a safe and stylish space.

Everyone likes balconies save for those with acrophobia. People use it for a variety of activities like- hanging out clothes to dry, gazing out and relaxing, throwing out paper planes, stretching out on a chair to sunbathe, and reading a newspaper. But the higher the balcony, the higher the safety risk. That is where balcony grills come in, they provide excellent safety, but they make you a prisoner of your own home. Enter- Invisible Grills.

What are Invisible Grills?

They are grills, but invisible. Okay… they are not actually invisible, but they appear invisible due to their clever and unrestrictive design. How do they work, you ask? You must have walked into a spiderweb at least once before, how did that happen? Didn’t see the web until you were too close? That is exactly how these work, they are thin and made of strong steel cables placed in close proximity to each other. The thinness of the cables makes it hard to notice them from a distance, effectively rendering them invisible. 

Why use Invisible Grills?

I already mentioned how Invisible grills have a great design while also maintaining functionality, but there’s more to them than that-


They are structurally strong even though they look like a bunch of strings, anchored to the walls. Before you underestimate them, remember that they are high-tension steel strings fastened securely. 


The durability of these things is no joke, they are rust-resistant and can easily withstand all kinds of weather conditions. With their impact-resistance, their ability to arrest motion is commendably good.


Their strength is very effective, they not only keep people and things in but also keep them out. With these on you don’t have to worry about your children going skydiving without parachutes, nor your pets trying to check if they can leap over the moon. Thieves will also find it hard to break in and might leave to find easier pickings elsewhere.


This is the main selling point of this grill, the ability to create the illusion of transparency. Due to the non-obstructive nature of these grills, it allows the sunlight to enter at will. This quality is also a major factor that boosts its aesthetic appeal among others.

Easy Maintenance

They are easy to maintain and clean, due to their simple nature. These strings usually come coated with Nylon, Teflon, or some other similar material. This not only makes them easy to clean but also makes them unattractive to birds.

It is recommended to seek the assistance of professionals to get the invisible grills installed due to how intensive the task is, and the level of accuracy it demands. Spacing the cables far away from each other will increase invisibility but weaken the barrier, but if you space them closer to each other you will get a stronger barrier but the invisibility effect will be compromised. Hence it is best to hire a professional and leave them to get the spacing just right for your purpose.