How to prepare your home for Holi? Home Maintenance Tips

This Holi, make the celebrations louder and more fun. Do not be afraid to enjoy the festival freely at your house. Leave the home Maintenance for us

How to prepare your home for Holi? Home Maintenance Tips

Holi is a beautiful festival of colour, Indians worldwide celebrate this festival with utmost excitement and joy. Holi is the only day you see some people who are so uptight usually, loosen up and have fun a little by running around throwing colours to their friends and family. Holi is a festival that is mainly played outdoors, mostly with a DJ party set up and snacks served. So it is quite obvious that with all this running around spraying vibrant colours, your house takes the form of the playground and all the grown-ups become kids for a moment.

Holi is a festival that deserves a flamboyant celebration


Indeed, as much as historically rich the significance of the festival is, it also brings people together with all the festive warmth and exhilaration. So we definitely are not asking you to play it carefully, release your inhibitions, perform and dance, and get lost in the vibrant colours.

And as much as we want to believe that we can be spontaneous in planning our Holi celebration, we need planning and preparation in executing the best Holi house party all the while considering the well-being of the house. So here, in this blog, we present you some effective and interesting Holi preparation tips to celebrate this colourful festival with all its glory while taking care of your house.

Apply anti-stain polish on the walls:

Holi stains

During the celebration of Holi, it is significant to apply varnish glaze on your walls to prevent colourful staining. As the celebration continues, your walls become more susceptible to the colours of Holi. In order to avoid landing in this predicament we suggest you buy anti-stain varnish from nearby hardware stores. One of the effective ways to prevent stains on the wall during Holi is by applying anti-stain polish. It creates a protective layer on the walls, making it easier to wipe off any colours that may stick to the surface.

Apply oil on your door knobs:

door knob

The first thing people touch while entering your house is a doorknob, with a festival like Holi, it is obvious that their hands are drenched with colours. In order to protect your doorknob from staining, you can rub coconut oil all over it. By applying oil to the door knobs, the colours would not stick to them, and it would be easy to clean them. Moreover, the oil would make the door knobs slippery, making it difficult for any colour to attach itself.

Cover your sofas and tables:

sofa cover

To prevent nasty stains, it's a great idea to cover your tables and sofas with old bed sheets or plastic covers before the celebrations commence. This will protect your furniture from getting stained with coloured powder or water. You can also consider using slipcovers or cushion covers that are easy to remove and wash.

Avoid washing in the sink:

holi colours in sink

We highly recommend you stay away from the sink that day. The colour powder or water balloon throwing games make it really hard for your sink to get all the colour out. Washing the coloured powder in the sink can also lead to clogging of the drainage system, as the colours can settle in the pipes and cause blockages. This can create inconvenience for you and your neighbours, and it can be challenging to repair the damage caused by clogged pipes, but hey, if you decide to go through it anyway, we are here for you.