HomeTriangle Tips: Turn Your Home Into A Sanctuary

Read HomeTriangle guide on how to transform your home into a sanctuary by Working on some mood-enhancing ideas and targeting key jobs that will certainly help to keep that ongoing to-do list tamed

HomeTriangle Tips: Turn Your Home Into A Sanctuary
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People spend a large portion of their lives in their homes. It’s not just somewhere to live but a retreat where you feel relaxed and nurtured. In the busy lives most of us lead, homes tend to slip into a more perfunctory role. Sometimes, they even cause stress, confronting us with a list of DIY jobs or household chores to do as soon as we step through the door. How do we steer our homes towards coziness?

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Read HomeTriangle guide on how to transform your home into a sanctuary by working on some mood-enhancing ideas and targeting key jobs that will certainly help to keep that ongoing to-do list tamed:

Here are some of the points

1. Work With Seasons

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Allowing your home to reflect the seasons will make it feel a lot more enjoyable and nourishing. In the winter, fit heavy curtains that can be closed to keep in the heat, then light candles and, if you have one, the fire to create a sense of coziness and protection from the elements. In the warmer months, throw windows open so you can hear birdsong, hang gauzy drapes to let lots of warm, soft light flood in, and dot your rooms with flowers.

2. The Right Light

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Lighting plays a major role in defining the decor and coziness of a home. It can bring up the mood and help its functionality. When you get it right, any space can feel like a welcoming abode. Weave in a mix of different light sources for a layered effect and be sure to add plenty of ambient light, too – candles and fairy lights are good for this.

3. Make Your Bed Each Morning

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I definitely hate the idea of coming home from a long and tiring day at the office to an unmade bed. Just the sight of a beautifully made bed when you return home from a busy day can help you relax. So I suggest you make your bed before running out of the door each morning, even if it is the only thing you do.

4. Hide Your Work

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Even though it might seem impossible to do during the “work from home” trend in this age of COVID-19 and lockdowns, hiding your work gives you a mental rest. But if you have a home office and your desk is part of a larger, multi-purpose room, be careful to hide your work at the end of the day. The same goes for any paperwork you haven’t quite addressed yet: when it’s time to relax, hide it away, so your home switches to being a relaxing haven instead.

5. Introduce Fragrances

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People often forget that turning your home into a space that soothes and nurtures you can be as much about how it smells as how it looks. It’s a proven fact that scent can help us to relax and may carry associations of places we love and bring back fond memories. We suggest you try varying the scent with the seasons, choosing something musky or woody as the nights draw in, then swapping to something with more citrus or floral notes during the warmer months, for plenty of pleasing variety.

Moreover, there are ways to introduce fragrances to make your home a sanctuary. For example, you can bring highly scented flowers and put them in the rooms where you and the family spend most of the time, like the living space. You can also use essential oil diffusers or scented candles to produce a refreshing smell around your home. Another way to introduce fragrances is to use linen sprays on draperies, sheets, and other textiles to help your home smell better.

6. Cleanliness Above Styling

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It doesn’t really matter if your home is ready for a photoshoot or not. It’s your unique place and it should feel like a haven. Our experts unanimously agree that it’s a lot more important to prioritize keeping it clean and tidy than over-styling it with the latest buys. An ordered home always feels relaxing, and even a space filled with the most on-trend pieces won’t feel like a haven if it’s cluttered and messy.

7. Buy A Good Throw

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Throws and blankets are as cozy and as inviting as they come. They can enhance comfort and satisfaction in your home. For example, you can use throws to lift your head when lying down on the sofa while watching television or having a conversation with loved ones.

Hence, they transform a sofa, turning it from somewhere to sit into a wonderful place to snuggle up. Invite children, dogs, or your partner under your blanket, too, and then forget about everything else as you cozy up together.

8. Flowers And Plants

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Every home should have some plants in it. A little living greenery can really transform a home and give it a lush focal point. Caring for a houseplant and watching it grow can also be satisfying, and will contribute to your home feeling special, personal, and home-grown.

By bringing nature to your home, you can create a sense of connection with nature and purify the air inside your living space. In short, flowers and plants can serve as a natural dehumidifier by removing the stale air. Consequently, you can turn your home into a sanctuary.

9. Make It Personal

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Displaying family photos and furnishing your home with pieces passed down through the generations or unearthed at a car-boot sale will give it a unique personality and help it feel like your individual getaway. Add pieces picked up on holidays or upcycled lovingly by you, too. Items with a history or story behind them bring more soul to your space and feel good to come home to.

10. Add A Spa Pool

Adding a spa pool can also convert your home into a sanctuary. It's more than just a home improvement because it allows you to relax and spend time together in the water. Not only that, soaking in a spa pool can provide several mental and physical benefits. It can help reduce stress, lower the risk of developing chronic diseases, and promote more restful sleep. Hence, having a spa pool at home can be an excellent idea if you're tired and want to relax. You don't need to go to a spa clinic to relax because your dwelling has what you need to turn it into an incredible oasis of relaxation. If you're looking for the right spa pool, check out reliable providers like Trueform Spas online.

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