HomeTriangle Guides: How To Design Your Home If You Have A Pet?

Whether it’s a huge five-bedroom house or a teeny studio apartment, pet lovers need to design their homes differently. Read HomeTriangle guide on how to design your home if you have a pet.

an owner with her pet dog
dog leaning on the kitchen cabinet

Most pet owners can’t think of a life without their pets. Whether it’s giving up 80% of your bed to accommodate for your dog or putting cat treats on the grocery list before your own food necessities, as a pet lover, you tend to prioritize the needs of your pets without a second thought.

a cat and dog lying next to their owner on the dofa

Whether it’s a huge five-bedroom house or a teeny studio apartment, pet lovers need to design their homes differently. Read HomeTriangle guide on how to design your home if you have a pet.

1. Every Room Is Inclusive Of Your Pets’ Needs

Shiba inu on a bed

Bringing a pet into your home is similar to a child and everything changes regardless of the pet type, age, or temperament.  Your home design quickly becomes all about bringing that special addition into space: dog beds in every room, easy access to outside areas or food stations, and if your pet has a kennel, cage, or carrier, you better believe that item is in one of the most frequented areas. Your pet isn’t just coming into your space; you are redesigning your space to welcome your pet.

2. Comfort Becomes The Priority

A dog holding on to a toy

No matter you own a cat or a tarantula, you want to create spaces that are comfortable, cozy, and safe for the creatures you bring into your family. For furry pets, you should definitely grab fluffy blankets and pillows, bring beds into or even onto furniture, and maybe even welcome the pet directly in your space. For non-furry pets, like lizards, for example, you may care less about the coziness and more about the comfort and safety. If you’re going to take the little guy or gal out of the cage, you want the room to be clean and ready for exploration. And so, your first instinct is to make sure that all the spaces you occupy are prioritizing pet needs first.

3. Designated Areas For Different Activities

a labrador with its snout in its food bowl

If you’re a pet lover, organizing your space should be all about purpose. Leashes and collars should be by the door, food/water on a non-carpet surface to avoid spills, and your cuddle station is most likely a bedroom or place where you can share the laziest moments together. In easy terms, everything is organized based on activity. Snack time happens in the kitchen and playdough is in the little table in the backroom—it’s the same with creatures. These designated spaces should help you keep your sanity, too.

4. A Pet Station/Hub

pet related tools and items

Pet lovers design their homes differently because their pets’ needs are crucial to the flexibility and ease of the day-to-day. This, of course, will look different for each home, but more likely than not, a ‘station’ or ‘hub’ is built into the décor somewhere. Whether that looks like a pet bowl drawer or maybe even an under-the-stairs relaxation area, your pet probably has his or her ‘domain’.

5. Mobile-Friendly & Easy To Navigate Spaces

Two cat leaping from one couch to an other

Accessibility-friendly spaces come naturally into the design of a home when pets are introduced. Regardless of their age or temperament, it’s important to have areas that are easy to navigate, including space between furniture, feeding stations that are appropriate heights, and maybe even stairs or ramps to get to higher levels. When you have pets, you’re intentionally thinking about usability and ease, and perhaps even more so than a typical consumer.

a dog and a cat huddled up under a sheet

If you’re a pet lover, you’re instantly drawn to anything that makes sense and celebrates your pets. Whether that looks like the construction of a pet-friendly shower or something more budget-friendly, like custom wallpaper littered with your cat’s face, your focus is anything and everything that makes your house feel like a home for all of its inhabitants.

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