HomeTriangle Guides: 30 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space

There are countless creative methods to create visually stunning art for the walls of your home or office. Here are a few to note.

HomeTriangle Guides: 30 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space

There are countless creative methods to create visually stunning art for the walls of your home or office. However, we've selected our top 36 favorite ideas to inspire you. Whether you prefer metallics, neon, color block, ombre, 2D, or 3D art, there's something here to suit your space and budget. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

1. 3D Colorblock Wall Art

This 3D circle installation demonstrates that color block doesn't always have to be square.

2. Hi Painting

This playful piece is crafted with a common kitchen sponge, making it perfect for an entryway.

3. Watercolor Chevron Wall Art

Although not created with watercolor paints, this canvas project achieves a watercolor effect. The gold background adds a nice touch.

4. Clipboard Wall Art

These stenciled letters offer a unique take on typographic art and would be a fun interactive piece for guests.

5. Framed Scarf Wall Art

Why limit framing to paper? A framed silk scarf can add color, pattern, and texture to a room.

6. Modern Lines Wall Art

This taped canvas tutorial provides an easy and bold way to add color to your home, with endless pattern and color scheme possibilities.

7. Ombre Quote Wall Art

The secret to this ombre art is to use a wet paintbrush to blend the color transitions after painting.

8. Circle Punch Wall Art

This paper artwork is a great way to use up scraps, made with wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or old greeting cards.

9. Tulle Wall Art

From a distance, these watercolor-like stripes are actually strips of tulle fabric, easily attached with spray adhesive.

10. Ribbon Wall Art

This colorful, striped artwork looks more complex than it is, creating an interesting optical illusion.

11. Print Your Own Wall Art

Want to enlarge and print your favorite image for your wall? This tutorial shows you how with just your printer. 

12. Quotes on Canvas Wall Art

Use magazine pages and patterned paper under white paint to create this colorful quote artwork.

13. Fabric Panel Wall Art

A quick way to refresh your space is by covering blank canvases with pretty patterned fabrics.

14. Gold Leaf Monogram Wall Art

We're fans of a well-done ampersand, and this gold-leafed version is no exception.

15. Tissue Paper Art

This simple DIY resembles an homage to CMYK, missing only the black.

16. Junk Mail Wall Art

Who would guess that this cool abstract piece was made from junk mail? It's a clever way to turn delivered objects into art.

17. Wood Stick Wall Art

We're enamored with this optical illusion wall art, created by starting with a hexagon and adding lines to mimic a cube.

18. Geometric Patchwork Wall Art

Artwork can replace a headboard, and this simple geometric paper idea is a top choice.

19. Quote Wall Art

Combine patterned fabric with your favorite quote to create inspiring artwork. What would your version say?

20. Paint Chip Wall Art

Use paint chips or bright construction paper to make pixelated wall art, with or without a quote.

21. Printable Quote Stencil Wall Art

For large spaces, start with a shipping pallet to make a statement and fill those empty walls.

22. Chevron Outdoor Wall Art

This impressive outdoor art is made from salvaged lumber, a great way to repurpose materials. 

23. Spray Paint Wall Art

With a canvas, painter's tape, and spray paint, the artistic possibilities are limitless.

24. Feather Wall Art DIY

This feathery wall art is not only visually appealing but also tactile, drawing guests in.

25. DIY Wire Wall Art

Visit the hardware store for supplies to create this creative sign. There are many colors and materials to choose from.

26. Washi Tape Frames

Turn the frame into the art itself with washi tape, solving half the battle of hanging wall art.

27. Starburst Mirror

Elevate a plain mirror with this starburst DIY using branches, spray paint, and glue. 

28. Textured Wall Art

This take on string art adds texture and color to a canvas. Consider using matte paint for a more refined look.

29. Canvas Map

Deconstruct a map by wrapping it around various canvases for a unique look. You may need multiple maps to align the countries perfectly.

30. Letterpress Wall Art

Don't overlook letterpress trays at flea markets. This DIY showcases your love for the letterpress process.