Home, Property Maintenance Handy Tips And Tricks In 2022

Is maintaining the property daunting to you? Here are a checklist of maintenance tips and tricks to a safe and hygienic house for a better living

Home, Property Maintenance Handy Tips And Tricks In 2022

Buying a house can be a herculean task. But maintaining the property could be equally daunting. The right maintenance tips and repair tools can make the property easy to live in. With expert advice and a home maintenance checklist, one can easily navigate some of the seasonal upkeep a property requires. With the help of comprehensive maintenance handy tips, one can easily look forward to a safe and hygienic house.

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Handy Tips And Tricks On Maintaining Your Property

Like any regular health checkup, the homeowner needs to schedule regular home maintenance. As you continue to check on the HVAC systems, appliances, security, and the exterior of your property, you prevent occasional breakdowns and keep your home looking at its best. At the same time, you also see a lot of money. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you maintain your property like a pro.

  • It's crucial to protect the mattress of your bedroom from any damage. Make sure that you cover it to protect the mattress from spills and insects.
  • You can also choose the DIY method to disinfect the mattress by using the concussion of vodka and scented oil and spraying the mixture lightly over the mattress.
  • For your bathroom, you can remove any pesky water spots using lemon juice and baby oil. The dirty shower curtain liners must be cleaned.
  • If you experience unclogged drains, you must call for a professional plumber to avoid expensive damages.
  • When it comes to your kitchen, you need to maintain cleanliness and hygiene to prevent any spread of disease. Especially look for the sponges.
  • You must use ketchup to remove the tarnish from silver utensils.
  • An automated vacuum cleaner will come in handy if you have pets in your house.
  • You can also look for the best property management companies to receive the best property. It can lower the maintenance that you need to make for your property.

As you follow these maintenance tips, you can have the best quality and clean house. It would also help you avoid any kind of disease and keep you safe.

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Necessary Things to Remember

  • For monthly residential cleaning, you should inspect the drainage and check wash basin drains regularly to avoid the accumulation of debris. Apart from that, you must remove the mineral deposits on your bathroom taps and shower heads. However, don't forget the unused restrooms of your guest rooms. Make sure you run water and flush the toilet to prevent any condition from building up.
  • Biannually you need to pay attention to your garden and pluck out the weeds and unnecessary debris from your pots. At the same time, you must duct the entire house and clean your appliances and furniture.
  • For the annual maintenance, it is prudent to clean the filter of your air conditioner and check the roofs of your house for any damages, including holes, paint chipping, and wall cracks. If you look for any signs of damages, you must immediately contact the property management companies if you have bought your home recently.
  • In addition to that, repainting your home can rejuvenate the exterior of your house. You can do it all by yourself or get a professional painter.

Home maintenance can seem to be laborious and intimidating. But the results may be rewarding. Consistent cleaning and maintenance can save you money. You can always save an online version of the home maintenance checklist on your electronic device, or you can also keep a hard copy with you. If you are looking for the best maintenance professionals, you can trust HomeTriangle to find the professional services in your city. We can help you to find the best service providers as per your requirement. To book an appointment, visit https://bit.ly/3OkkwYF