Health Benefits of Running: Run for your Mind

Running is one of the most intense physical activities. Adapting running into your lifestyle is one of the wisest decisions you have taken! Read all about this amazing topic and start your fitness journey today.

Health Benefits of Running: Run for your Mind

We all at least once must have come across the post or a youtube video about the benefits of running, but seldom choose to do anything about it. Our health and the overall quality of life depend on the frequency of physical activities and nutrition. And running is one such activity that improves and enhances our body’s function. So since there are so many benefits of running, you might ask, why not are more people doing it? The answer to this question, most people are in fact doing some or the other form of physical activity. And a significant number of people belonging to this group believe that cardio or running is the best way to build endurance.


To give you a meaningful perspective, people run most of the time, some in the outdoors and some on treadmills. And mainly one of the reasons for this state of unawareness is a misconception. Most of the population seems to think that running requires an impossible amount of stamina and energy and it often results in injuries.

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So before going into the benefits of running let us bust some of the myths about running, shall we?

Myth: “Running requires an impossible amount of stamina!”

Okay, so the thing about running is, that it does require a form of energy but it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with cultivated stamina (especially when you are a beginner). Our body is amazing at adapting, you don’t have to push too hard. But it is recommended that if you are planning to take up running then make sure you start slow and short. This will help your body to adjust and adapt faster. Anyone (except people with underlying medical conditions) can run. On the contrary, It has more to do with consistency than stamina.

Myth: “Running every day leads to injury”

And the most hyped-up myth of the year awards goes to this- People who believe running leads to serious injuries, should also be aware that any form of physical activity has a risk of some form of injury. Working out, exercising, eating, walking, anything can happen at any given time. The point is running comes under the same risk as the above-mentioned activities. If proper precautions are not taken then of course the risk of injury gets higher. Wear the right shoes, take it easy in the beginning and wear comfortable clothing. This is all one has to do to reduce the risk of injury significantly! And if you are doing it right, then you have nothing to worry about.

So now that we are done with debunking some popular myths, let us move on to the more exciting part of the blog- The health benefits of running. Come on then without any delay let us dive right into it.

Benefits of Running Everyday:

Strengthens your bones and muscles:


Running takes up your whole body’s weight back and forth during this process your muscles are constantly being broken down and built again. It leads to an increase in muscle strength. Since your bones are also helpful in making this whole back-and-forth thing possible, they get amazing toughness too.

Burns Calories:

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The process of moving your body back and forth in for a significant number of times will result in the consumption of more energy and in turn, you will burn more calories. The faster you run, the more calories are being burned at a faster pace. So if you are planning to lose weight then running is one of the best activities to take up.

Improves your mental health:

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When you run, you don't just burn calories but there is a lot of process happening inside your body at the same time. Your heart beats faster, your muscle becomes stronger and your brain gets more distribution of endorphins and dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is also termed a feel-good hormone. During the run as hard as you might feel, your brain gets a tad more happier and relaxed than it was before. Adapting running to your lifestyle will result in more frequent creation of these hormones, hence improving the overall quality of your mind.

Boosts your cardiovascular health:

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There is a saying, ‘ If exercise were to become a medicinal drug then it would be one of the best-selling drugs in all of the world. And running is a great form of exercise, whenever your run, your heart starts to pump blood faster and hence requires more oxygen. And oxygen is great, with everyday runs your heart health can see an improvement significantly.

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