From Cat Eye to Doe-Eyed: Eyeliner Looks for Every Eye Shape

Bored of the same eyeliner look every day? Here are some cool and trendy eyeliner looks that will give your eyes the fresh look it deserves.

From Cat Eye to Doe-Eyed: Eyeliner Looks for Every Eye Shape

"Your two great eyes will slay me suddenly;

Their beauty shakes me who was once serene"

As it is written in the "Rondel of Merciless Beauty" by Geoffrey Chaucer, your eyes can bring serenity to you and the people you love. Eye makeup not only defines those beautiful eyes of yours but makes it look fuller transforming your look completely. Earlier all we had were some limited eyeliner looks. Unlike then beauty influencers across the globe have introduced many varieties of eyeliner looks from sassy to subtle now. But with so many different eye shapes and eyeliner techniques out there, it can be confusing to know where to start. So here’s a guide for all makeup lovers on how to do different eyeliner looks. Did you know you could change your eye shape using just your eyeliners? Yes, you heard that right. This illusion will help you slay with your eyes. So before getting into the variety of looks you can try, let me brief you on how to find your eye shape first. 

Understanding Your Eye Shape

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The crease of your eyes (the folded area of the skin just above your eyelid) helps you determine your eye shape. Here are the most common 6 eye shapes:

Understanding eye shapes
Source: sugarpop


People with almond eye shapes are said to have the ideal eye shape among all the others, if you are wondering whether you have these eye shapes, just check if you have a slightly pointed outer corner and a natural crease.


For people with these eye shapes, the crease of their eyelid is covered by skin that will make lashes appear hidden.


Unlike people with almond eye shapes, round eye shapes don't have any pointed corners, are round, and will appear large and full.


This eye shape is commonly seen in Asian people where they have no visible crease. Smudging is a big issue that these eye shapes have to deal with. So to get a great look using a graphic eyeliner might be the best thing to do!

Monolid eyes


Do the outer corners of your eyes droop slightly downwards? then you have a downturned eye shape.


Just the opposite of downturned, if the outer corners of your eyes are turned upwards then you have upturned eyes.

Understanding eye shapes
Source: sugarpop


Ever wondered how just a stroke of an eyeliner can transform your looks? A bold cat-eye look? Or an innocent, doe-eyed effect? From dramatic to subtle, eyeliners offer endless looks to suit your style. So, here are some of the various eyeliner looks you can try. 

1. The Cat Eye 

A girl applying eyeliner with a pencil liner

This is an eyeliner look ideal for Almond & Round Eyed people, a long sharp wing will do the trick. First, prime your eyelids then start applying your eyeliner. You have to start thin and then make it thicker towards the outer corner. Draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye slightly upwards and fill in the gap between your wing and your lash line for a seamless look. Even people with hooded eyes can master this look if they do it the right way.

2. The Doe-Eyed Look

Many naturally have doe eyes which makes them look innocent even when they are not. This is a perfect look to create for almond and downturned eye shapes.

Apply eyeliner to the upper lid of your lash line. You have to start thin and thicken slightly towards the center. To define it more, gently line your upper waterline with a pencil. Create a soft, smudged effect with a makeup brush. You can also use a white liner for an enhanced look.

3. Fishtail Eyeliner Look

This eyeliner will give you a bold vibe and for that start applying the liner from the inner corner of the eye and add a wing on the top lash-line. Then add a bold liner below the eye. 

4. Natural Look

This is the look that most of you do in your daily lives. Tracing the thick liner on the upper lash line and creating a feline-like look.

5. Monolid Fresh Look

Monolid eyes people mostly don't wear liners much as they have no creases and the eyeliner can easily smudge. Apply a very thin liner on the lash line and tight-lining your upper waterline with a dark color will define your eyes and give you more of a fresh look.

6. Siren Eyes

Embrace the dark feminine side of yours with this mysterious look. First, draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye and stop at just above the crease, then connect this line back to your lashes. Now draw a line on the top of your eyelid and connect the crease to the wing. Keep the area above your pupil free from any eyeliner so that your eyes don't look small. This will give your eyes a lifted look thus channeling your inner villain energy.

7. Round Winged Eyeliner

As the name suggests, you have to apply thick liner both on your upper lash line and bottom line. Both should connect and make a round.

8. Smokey Liner

Use a pencil liner for this, apply the eyeliner thick both on the upper and bottom lash lines, and smudge them out with a brush. This will create the perfect smokey look.

9. The Arrow Liner Look

If you are good at drawing a winged eyeliner, then you can master this look too. After applying a winged liner, create the same pattern on your eyelid. Then draw a curve from the lower lash-line to the outer V.

Few Tips for Eyeliner Application:

  1. Rest your elbow somewhere comfortable while applying the liner for a better look.
  2. Mistakes can happen but always use cotton buds dipped in a makeup remover to undo them.
  3. Opt for waterproof and long-lasting eyeliners which are in the market as pencil liners can smudge easily. 
  4.  If you have an oily lid, use an eyelid primer.

Understand your eye shape and find what will make your eye shape look prettier, and make you feel confident. If you are a black eyeliner person and haven’t tried anything other than it, explore more on blue, green, or other colors. There are brown eyeliners that can give a softer look. You can even experiment and try something unexpected like white eyeliners to make your eyes appear bigger. There are so many possibilities out there. So checkout all of these and do what you love!

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