Discover Your Skin's Secret: A Gen Z Guide to Different Skin Types

Wondering why this is a Gen Z guide? The answer is simple, this demographic possesses a deep understanding of self-care and skincare practices in contemporary times.

Discover Your Skin's Secret: A Gen Z Guide to Different Skin Types

Your skin’s issues can affect your confidence and various other aspects of life. As someone who went through a similar experience in my teens with no one to turn to for advice or support. The skin care journey was a challenging one. In Indian households, practicing self-love is not typically emphasized. Even though there are numerous natural remedies for taking care of yourself and your skin sometimes blindly following conventional methods would not give you proper results which is why understanding your skin and its needs should be a priority.  As a result, most people from the previous generation were not aware of what they could do to maintain healthy and glowing skin. Now Gen Z, as we all know is a generation that is aware of skincare and its importance. So this blog is a Gen Z guide on how to understand and treat your skin with love.

How to take care of your skin?

Identifying your skin type is the key to taking care of your skin. To maintain a glowing complexion, understanding your skin type is the way. The era of social media and the culture of fun has shed light on the importance of skincare. When used thoughtfully this can truly benefit us. To make the most of this, you need to learn from influencers, understand their routines, and figure out which ingredients work for you. Before starting your skincare journey, do thorough research and identify your skin type.

How to Know Your Skin Type?

This part is easier than finding your ideal type. Alright, let's get real: identifying your skin type is like solving a mystery so start by cleansing your face with a gentle face wash, then sit back for an hour and let your skin do its thing. Now wait for the imminent revelation:

Oily Skin

If your T-zone(forehead, nose, and chin) shines brighter than your future then you probably have oily skin. This can give you a natural glow but not taking care of the oil can result in breakouts.  Research says “Oily skin occurs when oversized sebaceous glands produce excessive amounts of sebum, which can lead to shiny and greasy skin.” Keep the shine in check with oil-free products and acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid.

girl with oily skin type

Dry Skin

Now I don't think anyone with dry skin is unaware of their skin type. Even after a cleanse an hour ago, your dry skin might be tighter than your budget. Your face must have flakiness and rough patches, but don't be salty about your dry skin as hydration is going to be your next favorite thing to do. So as I mentioned earlier, the only way to prevent your skin from looking like a desertified land is hydration. Lay on moisturizers and apply hydrating serums to quench your skin’s thirst. Quenching thirst reminded me of a recent brand Quench that sells Korean products. They combine the best of Korean skincare science with Indian sensibilities. If you are someone looking for affordable Korean products then give this brand a try.

Flakiness due to dry skin

Combination Skin:

People with this skin type struggle the most to determine their skin type. For people with combination skin, the T-zone of your face will be oily while your cheeks are dry. Don't worry, we've got tips for balancing both sides of the equation. Choose lightweight oil-free moisturizers so that they won't make your face oily and hydrate it by locking the moisture. A fine balance is what people with this skin type need. Treat oily and dry areas differently, and choose products that cater to both sides of the spectrum. For this, as I mentioned earlier having patience and researching good products are essential.

girl keeping hand on her face

Normal Skin:

If your skin is balanced, glowing, and living its best life then you have a normal skin type. Yet a basic skincare routine is necessary for maintaining the skin you are blessed with as you might be exposed to climate changes, pollution, etc which can affect your skin making it dull. So don't use random products that will make your pretty skin throw tantrums, instead use products that will help upkeep your skin. Protecting your skin with a sunscreen is a must. Create a basic effective routine so that you can love your skin more and it will be ever glowing.

A girl holding her jaw with both hands

Sensitive Skin:

The drama queen among skin types. If the slightest change can result in your skin causing redness, itching, and irritation, then you have sensitive skin. You might now understand why all the products you had used before caused acne breakouts. It might not be the product’s fault in your case as you people might be sensitive to most of the products out there. Thus you will have to be very careful while using products. Either visit a dermat before choosing the products or start your research as unlike old times we have vast data on skin care and the ingredients to look for when buying a product. Opt for gentle, fragrance-free products that won't trigger your skin.

irritated skin with red marks

According to research, "Gen-Z consumers have unique makeup rituals, focusing on DIY, collecting, and independent brands, while expanding their role as creators and collaborators in the beauty knowledge network.” Their involvement in these areas has helped create awareness on many takes such as taking care of your skin rather than focusing on standards. Now it’s time for you to learn a few things from Gen Z, like expressing themselves and embracing their uniqueness thus starting your own skincare journey.

So, that’s it guys! Ever thought determining your skin type was this easy? Now if you are looking for a detailed skin care routine, there is this 10-step Korean Skin Care routine that you can follow incorporating the right ingredients according to your skin. Cheers to happy, healthy glowing skin!

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