Creative Front Door Design Ideas to Renovate Your Homes

Is the front door making your home's appearance dull? Discover creative front-door designs for a long-lasting impression through the entryway.

Creative Front Door Design Ideas to Renovate Your Homes

The first impression is the last impression that defines your personality. The same applies to your homes. Your home speaks for your personality. The front door is the centrepiece of attraction for your home’s exterior, defining the overall look-out. The front door is characterized by different elements - appearance, security, and protection of your home. Is the front door design of your home making a good impression on the onlookers?

Home renovation is a mixture of tricks and creativity. Renovating the front door requires both form and function. Beyond appeal, the front door design should align with the theme of your home. It is more like a baby step to achieve your ultimate goal. Ready to take those baby steps? Here are creative front door design ideas to help you renovate your home.

Statement Front Door Design Ideas

Select the Colours

Splash of colours for your front door design? Bold, classic, or trendy - which colour do you want for front door design? A bold-coloured front door will provide a pop of personality to the exterior of homes. Red or black doors are known for a classic look, or you can select trendy colours like cobalt blue, hot pink, or emerald green. You can choose a mint green colour for the front doors as it will be soothing to the eyes. Plan and decide which colour base aligns with your theme!

Why Not Glass?

Glass doors are popular under front door designs. Glass doors provide natural lighting in many styles - transparent, frosted or even stained glass. In the modern segment, glass front doors are more favourable because of their aesthetic appeal. Frosted glass doors protect your privacy and do not hamper the natural lighting to come inside. Styling glass front doors will be an add-on to your home appearance.

Steel for Durability

Want a modern or contemporary charm for your home aesthetics? Steel enhances your home’s interior design. Steel front doors are the best option! Durable, weather-resistant, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Steel front doors can be your budget-friendly partner. Add a magnetic finish with a painted, stained, or wood grain textured steel door.

Functional Dutch Door

You might have noticed some of the doors horizontally segregated! Dutch doors are functional for the style they provide. The top half of the door is open to let in the fresh air, and the bottom half is closed, or vice versa. Dutch doors are popular for those owning pets. Dutch front doors add a finishing statement to the home’s exterior by providing security in one go.

Unique Accents for Front Door Design


Knockers are available in varied styles and shapes, from traditional to modern designs. Knockers can be the element to provide a touch of elegance and sophistication to the front door design. Nowadays, decorative knockers are more in trend. You must have seen big bungalows with knockers, but moving on to today’s time - individuals residing in flats also seem to add knockers in the front door, maybe because of their uniqueness. Search for the knockers that will match the colour, style, and theme of your front door.

Door Handles

Door handles are a significant part of front doors, but style also plays a role in appearance. Modern or traditional? Front door handles can vary according to the need. While traditional door handles can achieve a classic look, modern door handles are more of a trend. For instance, copper handles are those accents.


People tend to ignore the hinges attached to the front door support. However, odd-style hinges can break the overall texture of the front door design. Hinges should match the knockers and door handles. Adding a hinge will grace the front door to be in a timeless appearance. Choose accents for front doors creatively for an impactful entryway.

Personality Pop-Up for Front Door


Well-placed lighting can illuminate the front door and improve security for your home. You can hang lanterns as an attractive decor at the front door. Make the front door design more personalised by adding lighting as a beautiful decor.


Placing doormats will make the front door look pleasing. You can use those doormats that align with the front door design aesthetics. Doormats should be neat when placed. Doormats are available easily in different styles, shapes, designs, and fabrics.


Add a touch of nature to the front door design. You can hang ferns, mosses, and potted plants that will provide a natural decor to the home. These additions will make your front door look fresh and inviting.

While you plan to renovate your home’s front door, follow these design ideas to elevate the complete look of your home. A splash of colours, glass doors, steel doors, dutch doors, accents, and personal pop-up additions can make your home’s front door realistic and appealing. There are many more front door design ideas that can creatively renovate your home. The front door design should be both beautiful and functional. Upgrade the front door design by picking up the best ideas explored within this blog.

Renovate the front doors for a good impression and a warm welcome for your guests.