Complete guide to buying Wash Basins in India

Confused about washbasins in India? This guide simplifies the process! Learn about space considerations, design styles, material options, and more.

Complete guide to buying Wash Basins in India

The Washbasin serves both functional and aesthetic purposes in the bathroom. The Indian wash basin market offers a plethora of styles. With so many different options, selecting the wash basin becomes challenging. We have compiled this comprehensive guide that will help you understand the various aspects of purchasing a wash basin.

Key Considerations

Before getting into the selection process, it is important to assess the unique characteristics of your bathroom. The following key considerations should be taken into account to understand your need

Bathroom Design:

If your bathroom design is inclined towards classic aesthetics, curved wash basin designs may be suitable. Conversely, if your bathroom is designed with a modern or minimalistic style it will be suitable to go for angular, rectangular, or square-shaped wash basins.

Wash Basin Material:

Common wash basin materials include ceramic, porcelain, glass, stainless steel, and natural stone. The material of the wash basin impacts its durability, maintenance requirement, and visual appeal. Thus, it is important to select a material that is easy to clean & maintain and uplifts the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Installation Type:

Different installation types offer distinct advantages in terms of space utilization and aesthetic appeal. The method of installation depends on the available space and the type of wash basin. A wall-mounted installation is best to save space and go for a modern look. Meanwhile, a Pedestal mount installation adds a classy touch and hides the plumbing, but in exchange for this, some floor space has to be sacrificed. A countertop-type washbasin is your best bet if you are going for that luxurious look. This not only ups the premium factor of the bathroom but also gives you enough space for toiletries. A corner washbasin is best for bathrooms with limited space.

Space Available:

Dimensions of your bathroom are paramount in selecting an appropriate wash basin. In a large bathroom, you can allocate space for a luxury pedestal wash basin or countertop wash basin. In a compact bathroom, a wall-mounted wash basin or corner wash basin is the ideal choice. Layout is another key factor when considering the available space. You will need to plan your Wash Basin’s location according to the existing fixtures in your bathroom.

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