Choose the Perfect Pool Cover by Defining Your Pool’s Purpose

Discover the key benefits of pool covers beyond cleanliness. Conserve energy and make your pool maintenance more eco-friendly and efficient.

Choose the Perfect Pool Cover by Defining Your Pool’s Purpose

The most glaring benefit of using Just Covers - pool covers is to keep the pool clean by preventing leaves and debris from falling into the water. However, there are many other benefits, especially those related to energy conservation, which makes pool covers a necessity rather than a choice.

Evaporation is the major cause of energy loss from outdoor and indoor pools, and the energy consumed during water evaporation is far higher than the energy required for raising the water temperature by 1oF. The climate and weather conditions impact the rate of evaporation of outdoor pools, which depends on the wind speed across the pool surface, the temperature of air and pool water, and humidity. Pool covers are most effective for minimizing evaporation regardless of the pool's indoor or outdoor location. Covering pools when not in use can significantly reduce the cost of heating pools.

Here are your options for pool covers.

Winter Pool Covers

winter pool cover

It's an accepted practice to cover pools during seasonal closings, especially in winter, to keep the water clean and protect it from extreme temperatures. The covers' design includes weights and water bags to hold the cover tightly stretched in place while supporting light load arising from normal debris accumulation.

However, the covers can't withstand heavy debris nor support the weight of children and pets running over them. The covers are easy to install and cheap but not suitable for preventing accidents or slips.

Safety Pool Covers

Safety Pool Covers

Safety Pool covers minimize the chances of accidental drowning of pets and children. To prevent children and pets from accessing the pool, the design of the covers includes springs and anchors for firmly securing the cover with the pool deck.

Made from solid vinyl material or mesh, the covers need appropriate safety approval from the authorities to comply with the country's or state's safety standards.

Thermal Pool Covers

thermal pool covers

These covers are useful for conserving the energy of pool water and are made from insulating materials that help to retain the heat of water. Covering the pool prevents the sun's rays from reaching the water and reduces the chances of algae growth. Insulating your pool helps to save energy while naturally maintaining the optimal temperature of water.

Hidden Pool Covers

hidden pool covers

Hidden pool covers might sound strange because these remain visible when in use. However, the covers remain completely out of sight when removed, and no one would know about it. Usually, when retracted, the covers remain concealed inside a housing or secluded within a specific cantilevered area of the pool to maintain the aesthetics. The covers are available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic modes. These covers are costly but worth the price.

Solar Pool Covers

solar pool covers

This type of pool cover is easy to use and the least expensive because it is like a blanket made from a bubble wrap sheet, which is very light and convenient to handle. Homeowners can install the covers on their own to prevent sun rays from reaching the water and retain the heat in the water during the night.

Depending on the type of pool and the kind of protection desired, you can select which one is right for you.